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  1. Zppty

    Scrap Strip "Rings" Ideas

    I cant but help think a kilt would look good in some of these patterns....
  2. Zppty

    Flame Dress

    Not to put anyone elses work down but WOW thats deffinatly in the top 3 pieces i've ever seen
  3. Zppty

    Hauberk Pattern

    i pinned an old t-shirt to a board for mine and made a vest to match the torso size, came up pretty much perfect. As for the arms that was more trial and error i just extended the bit that hangs over the shoulder and then did a 45 degree join in the armpit its a little tight there but it is wearable and and looks alright so im not going to fix something thats not broken
  4. Its probabaly worth making a new post on the micromail thread too, since thats clearly where they were looking
  5. Zppty

    Are you happy?

    Well i have things in my life that i should be happy about... I'm not in any financial difficulty - although my job sucks I do have some people who care about me I'm learning to drive and furthering myself However it seems that every time I do get happy about something such as being in a relationship it ends and the come down from that hurts so much it doesnt seem that being happy about it is worth it :S
  6. Zppty

    Are you happy?

    Thankyou All the mixed replies have given me something to think about and taken my mind off other things. I am happy with aspects of my life such as learning to drive but i tend to focus on the fact that im not progressing as fast as i would like etc. but its great knowing people are going on trying to be happy and although have issues with their life do have good things happening too X
  7. Zppty

    Are you happy?

    Due to events over the past 2 years i find myself on prozac and i just seem to be plodding along through life with the aim of being content rather than happy, im sure this isnt what i should be doing but every time something makes me happy it ends and the come down off it makes me feel aweful. Guess i just want to know if people have made the happy feeling last.
  8. Zppty

    First time making chainmail

    Welcome to the maile industry my shirt (posted somewhere on the forum) took 18 months on and off.
  9. Zppty

    How do you store your supplies?

    A while ago i was ebaying things and needed grip seal/ziplock bags to keep things together while posted and stupidly orderd 1000 so my maile ends up being kept in them and just put onto a shelf, thinking of getting jars for the heavy stuff though, bags tend to not to hold up too long if u drop a pound of jagged steel into them
  10. Zppty

    New Scales...

    Will the new scales due in stock early oct be anodized on both sides? or just the outside Thanks in advance
  11. Zppty

    The Brandenberg Variations

    I like the 2nd because its just diffrent and random
  12. Zppty

    Flower Vase

    small with AA 16ga 5/16 rings
  13. Zppty

    Who's this?

    I would credit the design to an anonymous TRL forum member. As for copying it, once it was online its in the public domain and free to be copied anyway just dont pass it off as an original design of your own and you should be ok.
  14. Zppty

    Flower Vase

    they are all 16ga 5/16, took a while and lots of messing about to get them to work, next time i make one il take pics n see if i can put a turorial together