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  1. Brian S.

    Getting rid of all my small rings, and wire

    Sorry it's taken me so long, I've been busy with work and fixing my motorcycle. I have 5 pounds of 12g 3/8" BA I also have 1.5 pounds of 16g 1/4" BA I also have a 9 pound spool of .030" or .035 red EC (VERY VERY SOFT). I can try to put this into smaller spools, but I only have so many. I'll sell the whole spool for $120, or by the oz for $1.50/oz (minimum 4 ounces) + shipping (if you don't state, it will be sent via padded envelope) ~Brian
  2. Brian S.

    Getting rid of all my small rings, and wire

    It's TRL's bright aluminum, so its 5054 or something like that. I'll get you the weight $5+shipping is what I'm looking at. My guess on shipping via UPS is $15. USPS is probably about $8-$10. ~Brian
  3. Brian S.

    Getting rid of all my small rings, and wire

    Rings and wire are sold and shipped. I found my old batch of mandrels in the process of cleaning out, and a bunch of coils of 12g, 16g, and maybe some 18g aluminum (I think the 12g is 3/8" ID). I'll figure out shipping cost tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too much (for the mandrels. The coils may cost more to ship). A few mandrels are stamped with their size. I also have a list made that has the decimal sizes of the mandrels. I can't guarantee they're all there, though, because I had to cannibalize a few of em for other things. The mandrel sizes can be double checked against the chart via calipers. Either one will be $5 = shipping cost (to cover my time). I'll find the coil sizes tonight. ~Brian
  4. Since I haven't had time to make any maille for a while, I'm just gonna sell off the rings and wire I have left. Link to pictures at bottom. 20g 1/8" stainless (perfect for GSG, 3-conn byz, and E4-1. I don't know about any others.) I have 8 bags that my scale marks as ~110 grams, and 1 bag that's 90 grams. I'll sell each bag for $4/each + shipping (about half TRL). If you buy all 9 bags, shipping is free. 20g .175" ID Have 1 bag that weighs about 20 grams. Pay shipping, and its yours. 18g 5/32" ID (.165 true ID) 30 gram bag, pay shipping. 18g .169" ID 20 gram bag, pay shipping. 18g 11/64" (.190" true ID) less than 10 grams, pay shipping. 18g 3/16 (.204" true ID) pre-closed rings Less than 10 grams. Pay shipping 22g 15/128" 20 gram bag, pay shipping. 20g .103" ID 40 gram bag, $2+shipping 20g 3/16 (.220" true ID) pre-closed rings 40 grams $5 shipped 20g 3/16 .220 true ID cut rings 30 grams, free with the pre-closed rings. 20g 3/32" Less than 10 grams, pay shipping. 20g .125" (too tight for GSG) Sub 10 gram, pay shipping 20g .107", pay shipping (will be sent via regular envelope) 22g .085" ID Sub 10 gram, pay shipping 20g 1/8", might be the GSG-safe rings 50 grams, $2+shipping 22g .140 Pay shipping 22g .119" ID Pay shipping 24g 3/64" ID .061" true ID 20 grams $5 shipped. Might work for JPL 24g 5/64" .077" True ID 60 grams $7 shipped 24g .082" true ID 60 grams $7 shipped I also have a FP 6-1 chain in 22g 1/8" (I think it's 1/8") that's about 15-16" long, $10 + shipping 24g FP6-1 chain, about 10" long. $5 + shipping I also have a square foot of the TRL 24g 3/32" E4-1 mesh for $10 + shipping Any of the ones you just pay shipping for, I can combine all for $5 shipped. $30, and all these rings are yours, shipped (CONUS only. Outside the US, you pay shipping) The wire, I will sell for $5 + shipping. They're both large spools (one is the steel spool, the other is the typical plastic spool). It's about 8 pounds each of 18 and 20g wire, so that's one hell of a deal (TRL is $6/lb for 18, 10/lb for 20). e-mail me @ bstrickler@gmail.com, and I'll try to reply within a few hours. I should have pictures of everything up by tonight. http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/Bstrickler/Maille%20for%20Sale/ ~Brian
  5. Brian S.

    FS/FT: Silver Scraps

    Is it sterling, or fine silver? If you want dead soft, or a semi-hardened, I can melt and draw the wire for you during my jewelry class (already finished my final project), for some $. Know how many ounces you have? ~Brian
  6. Brian S.

    Poi Fire Dancing Materials Advice

    There shouldn't be a problem, as long as all the rings are welded well, and they are using rope/chain, and not juggling. If juggling, you'll need gloves! ~Brian
  7. Brian S.

    The Sins of Stainless

    Cynake will probably kill me for this, due to it being such a crude design (with no safety features other than my brain), but here's what I use 120v Variac 120v-25.4v 2Amp transformer (puts out closer to 40v AC when Variac is set to 120) 25,000 microfarad, 75 volt capacitor 1/16" TRL welding electrodes TRL welding pencil Bent nose pliers (for holding the rings) I can relably weld all the way from 14g stainless, own to 22g stainless, and pending how much time I play with it, even 24g stainless. I've only had a few rings pop due to bad welds. ~Brian
  8. Don't be quick to claim its brass rod. My 3/32, 5/32 and 7/32 mandrels are a brass-color, but are definitely tool steel. If they were brass, they would have been warped and destroyed long ago. I dare you to try using a jewelers slitting saw, or any other saw on the stamped end. If its brass, a good bit of material will be removed after a few passes. If its tool steel, little, or no material will be removed. ~Brian
  9. Brian S.

    Laptop help, please.

    256 dedicated DDR3 won't get you much. I have a Gateway laptop with 512 dedicated, up to 2 gig shared, and it had trouble playing Call of Duty 4 on highest resolution, with lowest graphics settings. If you are going to be getting a laptop, and you are going to be doing gaming, you will want to get a cooler pad, and then pull the cover off of the CPU, otherwise the GPU/CPU will be suffocated, and it won't get you any decent quality for long. The cover is effectively like putting a pillow over your mouth, and trying to breathe in through it. IT DOESN'T WORK! Steer away from Gateway, and Dell... Poor quality computers, and useless customer service. Don't bother with Alienware... Get Sager or Clevo. Cheaper, and better performance: This one has an ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1 GB GDDR5 video, 1333Mhz RAM, dual hard drive capability, and other things, for under $2,000 (with standard warranty, and no operating system) http://www.rkcomputer.net/rkcnotebooks/index.php?l=product_detail&p=189 This one has dual Nvidia 285M 1GB GDDR3 in SLI mode, 1333Mhz RAM, TRIPLE hard drive capability, among other goodies, for under $2500 (again, standard warranty, and no operating system) http://www.rkcomputer.net/rkcnotebooks/index.php?l=product_detail&p=227 Check around that website, and see if they have a computer that fits your budget, and desires... Also, check Newegg.com To find specs about how well the graphics card on laptops do for certain games, go here, and click on the graphics card: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-285M-SLI.25624.0.html ~Brian
  10. Brian S.

    Material Replacement

    I have some 21 AWG red EC, if that works for you. Including the spool, it weighs 9 pounds, 8.6 ounces. I also have some 18g EC, in a few different colors, from parawire, that I bought a few years ago. It's only a few of their sample spools, but it might help you out. ~Brian
  11. Brian S.

    Forged Pliers

    What material are you looking to have them made of, and what size do you want them to be? I'm taking a blacksmithing/metalworking class right now, so I might be able to make you a pair of pliers, if you want. Adding teeth (if wanted) would be the only difficult part. ~Brian
  12. I saw the tutorial for the scale flower, made my own tutorial for friends on Facebook, then noticed this one didn't show anymore. Here ya go.


  13. Brian S.

    Wiss M3

    I've had this happen before, with my Cobolts. All I had to do was spend 30 minutes with some lube, and squeezing the handles (mimicking cutting rings) and it eventually worked out all the particles of metal, and was freed up. ~Brian
  14. Brian S.

    Forum Features and Tweaks

    When trying to view the General Chainmail Pages, or The Ring Lord Customer Service, it says "[#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum." I am able to see the individual subforums in it though. I don't get that error when trying to view the Social Forums part, though. ~Brian
  15. Brian S.

    Chain Maille on a K9

    You can get away with 24g 3/32" welded mesh. I did a science fair project about the durability of chainmaille against several different types of knives (I think I used like 6-10 different styles. Everything from a thin, sleek boot knife, to a Ka-Bar), inspired by what you are talking about. My thinnest and sharpest blade (the boot knife) only made a 1/4"-1/2" hole in the mesh, only allowing the blade to bury itself inside about 1/3", which isn't very much. That was with a standing object, as well. With a moving object, like a K9, you won't be able to get the same leverage and power as you can with a stationary object. That was also using a side of ham, against a solidly placed board as my target (not really 100% accurate to what a live being is, but it's good enough for most testing). If I had allowed the ham to swing some, the damage would probably have been greatly reduced, but I was going for maximum damage, so I could see the full capabilities of the knives. I wouldn't use titanium, as that's a very brittle metal, that is likely to break easier than the stainless. The stainless rings will easily warp, allowing for *some* slowing of the blade. I didn't test titanium, because I didnt have the money for a square foot of it (bought a square foot of 24g 3/32, and square foot of 22g 5/32" welded stainless mesh). Plus, I don't think the LEO would be spending that kind of money (but then again, I may be mistaken), ~Brian