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  1. Figures. Because they've been out of stock for so long, I get concerned that my (newly restocked) SS round scale order hasn't shipped after a week, send an email asking for an update, get a reply that 'shipping has been running a little behind' later in the afternoon, and then I get home in the evening and see the order is ready to be picked up by UPS. Hope you don't blame an atheist for his lack of faith... ;)

    1. TRL Customer Service

      TRL Customer Service

      Not at all. :) I had to rush and get my round scales too. ;)

  2. ahhh CGmaille.com is down! anybody knows where to get phongs tuts??? would love to get them i forgot a lot of stuff

    1. TRL Customer Service

      TRL Customer Service

      archive.org should help you. As far as we've heard, his website will be back at some point.

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  3. Dear walk in customer from today: I have your IPad. I could just click on the little Facebook icon and find out who you are but I won't. Please email if you need to come out after hours and I'll check. Someone is here til 9.

  4. I hope by estimated delivery time they mean it.

    1. TRL Customer Service

      TRL Customer Service

      If you have a deadline please let us know (by email)- otherwise if there are any issues we don't know if an extra day makes a difference.

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  5. Sold 3 bras and a skirt this past weekend at a show! YAY!!

  6. Hmmm 1 am not seeing pics correctlu on the new board....Avatars and recent gallery images both...