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  1. I am having the same floppy problem.  But only sometimes.  I got the pink and purple large owl kit.  If I make it with the pink rings as ring "a" it's nice and tight.  If I make it with the purple rings as ring "a" it's floppy.  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.  But it's happened with both pink A owls and both purple A owls.  Now I have the Santa owl kit.  And it is also floppy.  I've checked that the floppy ones have the same weave as the tight ones and I can find no difference.  This is very bizarre to me and if there is any way to fix the floppy problem I'd like to know

    This can be an issue with any sculpture. Any tiny changes in ring size can cause the piece to become too tight or too loose. You might want to try doubling rings or using a thicker wire gauge in different areas of the owl to help with the floppiness.

  2. You'd want to use either 16g 7/32 or 16g 1/4. I prefer 7/32 b/c I like a tighter Byz, but either will work.


    You can also refer to the chart on our Byz Kits page here: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=221&cat=Byzantine+Project+Kits. Just click the blue bar at the top of the page for a drop down of all the sizes we suggest as well as the number of rings per inch. The graphic above is perfect to see what the size rings you've chosen will look like once made.



  3. GForce has a good point - please make sure your 18g is 1.2mm and your 16g is 1.6mm; 14g is 2mm, 12g is 2.4mm.


    If you are having problems with any steps you are welcome to post pictures here and I'm happy to take a look at your progress to see if I see anything obvious. Also, small variations in rings can cause the owls to be looser or tighter. In general most of the combinations I've tried tend toward the tighter side, but I've made some that are floppy. You can double rings in that case to make them tighter.


    If you have specific questions, post them here or PM me.




  4. I'll preface this by saying the pictures are HUGE. But they should help with making opposite leaning HP3-1 for the owls.


    Step 1: Note red ring is on top, so left ring over right ring.



    Step 2: Add an open ring thru the eye of the first 2 rings. Add a closed ring to the open ring, close ring.



    Step 3: Showing closed ring from step 2. Note the rings are stacking (being added) underneath each other.



    Step 4: Add an open ring through the eye formed from the previous 2 horizontal rings. Add a closed ring to the open ring, close ring.



    Step 5: Showing closed ring. Note that the closed ring (red ring on the right end) is stacked underneath the last horizontal ring.



    Step 6: Keep adding an open ring/closed ring through the eye formed by the previous 2 horizontal rings. In this lean (left over right) the rings will always be stacked underneath.



    Now for the other direction:

    Step 1: To make opposite leaning: Note red ring is on bottom, so right ring over left ring.



    Step 2: Same steps as above (open ring through eye formed by previous 2 horizontal rings, add closed ring). NOTE that the rings are stacking UP (above each other) instead of down, as in the examples of the other lean).



    Step 3: Continue adding open ring/closed ring, making sure that you are positioning the end rings UP (above the previous horizontal ring). You can see that the end red ring on the right side needs to be positioned above the previous red horizontal ring before placing the next open ring.



    Step 4: Finished piece of HP3-1 with rings stacking UP.




    Showing directional (lean) differences.


  5. I need some of the old champagne color rings, size 16g, 5/16.  You know, the lighter ones.  The new batch is basically the same color as bronze.  In fact, the order number on the bags is the same, so I feel like it IS bronze.  Feeling totally "taken" by that, but I have to find that color and size ring.  Obviously, I will pay you for the rings.  Send me an email directly if you have some you are willing to part with:  aliciazim@yahoo.com

    I answered you via email, but saw this and wanted to answer you here too. What twilightbanana said is accurate. We don't mark the bags of rings with a color, only the sxaa16516. That's for any size of SXAA rings. There is a note on the website indicating that the current champagne is almost the same color as bronze for this specific size ring.


    I'm sorry you feel "taken" but that isn't what's happening here. We try to note all special circumstances and give as much information as we can via special notes on the website so our customers have all the pertinent info about our products prior to ordering.


    Please let me know if you have further questions I can answer.




  6. Yes, lots of weaves have different names, which is why I wanted to make sure I was giving ring sizes for the right one. :)


    Since the pattern is AWG, that would be our 19g rings (we measure SWG; the wire diameter is 1mm). I've not done Helm/Celtic Line in 1 ring gauge, so I'll give you the ring sizes I know work in 2 gauges:

    19g 3/16 and 20g 1/8. You can also use 18g 1/4 and 20g 5/32.


    I'll try to test the 19g 1 gauge Helm and let you know what sizes work in the next day or so.



  7. You will also want to make sure the wire gauge system of the pattern you are using. Does it state SWG or AWG? 18g in SWG is 1.2mm wire diamter.


    I looked up Celtic Line and that looks to be the same as what is commonly known as Helm. Please check out this photo and see if that's the pattern you'd like to make. If it is, I can give you ring sizes that I know work for Helm. http://static.artfire.com/uploads/product/9/39/99039/4899039/4899039/large/black_and_purple_anodized_aluminum_celtic_line_chain_mail_bracelet_9141593d.jpg



  8. Welcome to micromaille! I don't know of any way to make it faster. Some people open as they go, some prep rings prior to weaving. I do a bit of both depending on my mood. Usually if I'm going to open a bunch of rings, I sit at the table with my laptop in front of me and watch something on hulu or Netflix whilst I open. Ok, well that's really any time I'm making maille, but when opening rings I can actually watch the show instead of listening to it and looking up occassionally. :D


    Maybe someone else will have a suggestion.