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  1. Not really about TRL mind you - hey, we all KNOW the service from Sue, Bernice and all sets the benchmark and this order was no exception, thanks again.

    But THIS story is about postal services, which is really the only economic option to get my meagre orders from Canada to New Zealand.

    I'm used to waiting the stated 8 days before haunting the mailbox and scaring the postie, so when my last order was marked as shipped on Jan 19 I made a mental note... Jan 19 in Canada is Jan 20 in NZ, so I should start haunting around next Wednesday.

    Guess you could say I was more than a little surprised to see a parcel in the box this morning... its the 23rd here, 22nd in Canada. THREE DAYS??

    Thank you all postal employees, wherever you may be


    3 DAYS!?!?! I think that's a record. Good on those postal workers.

    Thanks for the nice words about us too - we do our best :D

  2. hmm i tried again in internet explorer there actually going to my cart now so it should work i guess your site just doesn't play well with fire fox

    I guess i will just have to use internet explorer in the future but i do experience ALOT of errors on your site idk if its problems with firefox or if you guys are having problems because like i said before i ordered stuff before and i used firefox and didn't have any issues but started jhaving them while waiting for my first shipment to arrive because eventually your site stopped tracking and just said Microsoft driver error and some number and since then alot of things on the site have stopped working

    That's weird because I've used 3 different browsers in the last few months to place phone orders at the shop - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and most recently Firefox. We haven't had any problems at all.

    I just tried putting some things in a cart here while I'm doing this at home. We use the Seamonkey suite which is offered by the Firefox people. No problems here. I don't know how to explain it. I'm not a tech person :)

  3. I'll add to your list as best as I can :)

    pink - fushia is good, although if this one comes back light rose is much better

    black- black

    gold- gold

    green - green

    blue - es blue

    purple - orchid

    violet - violet

    yellow - lemon

    orange - tangerine

    bronze - brown or ec bronze

    red- red

    turquoise- peacock blue (sounds good to me)

    This is as close as I can come at home, but I'll take a quick look the next time I'm in to make sure I'm not smoking anything ;)

  4. I'm sure they can correct me if I am wrong, but part of the benefit of the new system is they can package the rings in the batches as they are made instead of throwing them in a bulk bin which is where human error tends to occur. Instead of throwing a batch of just manufactured rings in the wrong bin they can bag it before shuffling off to the stock room with it.

    That's the one thing that will be the biggest time saver. The worst is knowing that the wrong size/colour is going into the bin as they're falling in :P Once everything's done I won't see products upfront until they're bagged.