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  1. Wow, what can I say. Just saw the movie yesterday, and in a stroke of obscene rarity my wife offered to turn around and go right back into the theatre and watch it again.

    Whatever you do, stay till the end of the credits for a sneak peek at Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a reference to the Avengers!!!

    I would've done that too... ;)

    Definitely stay for the credit cookie. Some of the people we were with didn't and missed out!

  2. I was wondering when you'll be getting more of these in stock, including titanium, 1, and 2 assorted coils, and regular and high quality floor sweepings. Surely you have some and just haven't updated the site?

    I can speak about the floor sweepings. We try not to make too many of these if only to keep costs down ;) We do let them pile up a bit before we list them though. Especially the HQ - I can usually count in hours how long those are in stock.

    The only advice I can give is to keep checking; it really is the luck of the draw.

  3. I presume there's a piece of paper that comes off a printer, that someone tears off and then walks around with until they have all the baggies set. So, to add a label machine to this (or, instead of this), that one rips off and stickies onto the bags as they're filled.. presto magnifico?

    Actually, we print once in the morning (8 or 9-ish local time) all of the orders that have come in since the last print job. They're cut apart, re-organized into the existing pile (rush on the top, new ones on the bottom) and away I go. Most orders that need to be made are sent directly to Jon; the exceptions I noted above. The print outs I get are your invoices that get put into the box and they come off a different printer than the one I use for sticky labels. It's even hooked up to a different computer in the shop.

    To be honest, 90% of the orders are straight forward enough to not need any labeling at all. I can't see Bernice coding in something like this for a few. Like I said, if you're not sure, ask and I will label. I've mentioned before that I also try to keep the rings in the same order as on your invoice. Actually, I'm fairly anal on this point. Think Rainman with rings.... "No, sxst2018 before sxst20764, definitely before...." ;)

  4. If you ever get a brand new automated packaging system, perhaps it could label the bags as it packs them automatically. Either by printing labels and adhering them or spraying directly on the package.

    Really Ian, I'm not gunning to have you automated out of a job. Just make you more productive in what you do. :)

    I doubt there will ever be an automated system that could manage in our shipping area. Too many ways for mistakes to be made and bins contaminated. Not that the humans don't do that either, but at least we notice ;P

    If you take a look here - http://theringlord.com/factory.shtml - you'll see the third picture down is of the shipping area. This is fairly old - I'd say there's 4X the amount now. If I was a noob now as opposed to 2 years ago it would make my head swim. It's still a human touch business.... ;)

  5. Now...dumb question from someone who doesn't know any better...but with the software used for inventory and ordering, is there maybe an add-in that would automatically print out adhesive labels? I know when I order from other merchants the whole invoice in some cases is on an adhesive and various parts are taken off to be placed on what was ordered.


    The first problem I see with that is what happens to the label if an item needs to be made? I'm in the habit of putting the rest of an order together before I send it back to Jon for things like anodized titanium/niobium, etc, especially when there's alot of other saw cut items. May as well only send it back once, right? ;) Not to mention the coding that Bernice is already up to her armpits in already. I can't imagine adding something else on top of that. Anyone who's gotten a padded envelope since Xmas will notice that we're printing out the address labels for those now as opposed to taping on a piece of paper with the information. Just formatting that took her at least 3 weeks. Granted, it also marks those as shipped automatically when they're printed, but still...... that's an awful lot of work for something that seems fairly straight forward to the non-techno person like me.

    All that code that I've seen over her shoulder makes my head swim.... ;P

  6. I can sympathize totally - I remember getting my first order (not nearly as big either) and not knowing what was what - I was a total newbie too so even worse.

    Now I ask them in the notes section each time I order to label the rings - although I've forgotten on occasion too.

    I really don't understand why they don't do this as a standard practice - seems it would be good customer service I feel.

    Good luck.

    I had addressed this in another thread, but I thought it might be worth bring it up again :)

    It really comes down to a time issue. On any given day we have between 50-100 orders leaving TRL. It would cut down on the productivity hugely. That's not to say that I do label some things that I feel would be a pain (fine vs. sterling silver or hardened/stainless steel for example.) Like someone noted above I don't mind labeling if anyone asks. If I didn't see it every day I'd ask too ;)

  7. If you're ordering totally different sized rings, I can see why labelling them wouldn't be TRL's standard practice, but if you've ordered a lot of similar sizes, why does one have to specifically ASK for labelling - why isn't this standard practice? And FWIW, I did send a request to label my order immediatly AFTER I'd actually placed it (but overlooked putting the request in the comment box). My rings arrived unlabelled. I didn't bitch about it at the time because, as noted by Jessica, I'm quite capable of figuring it out for myself but it is a nuisance that could so easily be avoided by someone at TRL's end exercising a bit of initiative.

    Saw this as I'm about to leave work and had to jump in...

    On any given day between 50-80 packages leave here. How many people do that? Just lil' old me. (The record for one day is in the 130-ish range but that was with both Bernice and I during the Xmas season) To get that kind of volume I just don't have the time to label everything. I try to make it easier by having the packages go in the same order as your invoice; obviously that doesn't work if something needs to be made. I do label things that would be impossible to figure out - same sizes in sterling/fine or hardened/stainless.

    That being said, I really don't mind labeling if asked nicely ;) Did it a couple of times today. I'm one of the people who would probably request it. What my main focus at the end of the day, though, is getting out as many orders as possible as perfect as possible. Granted, that doesn't always happen either (I've been reading the customer feedback threads :( )

  8. Just for reference...

    Bernice did some tweaking on the database that automatically marks packages as 'shipped' as soon as they're packaged; saves some time at the end of the day. So the 12th was the day it was packed and ready to go but it actually left the building on the 14th. It helps us keep an accurate count of what's still pending at the end of the day.

    Although I feel your pain (Canada Post has done a couple numbers on me when waiting for stuff from Amazon.ca), at least you're not waiting for an order that I repackaged yesterday morning. The note on it said 'Reship - destroyed in train derailment'. :o

  9. Tim Hortons is a plague which has spread from Canada, due to the weak US dollar. They pop up everywhere the minute your back is turned.

    You guys invade a place, we build a Tim Hortons. It has the same objective but ours makes money. ;)

  10. I used to watch Jon years ago making rings and stuff and thinking 'wow, that's cool, but I can't do that'

    Fast forward about 12 years and I'm working for him. ;)

    I can honestly say I'm a guinea pig. Bernice had recently put together the kit to go with Spider's Vol 1 DVD when I started at TRL and asked me to take it home and see how easy it was to use and learn from. Damn pushers, always giving the first taste for free ;)