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    Best Place to Sell

    on etsy you'll have to spend all your profit for the advertising space and front page. in the end it isn't worth your time. honestly, wear your stuff. people will ask you about it and you can give them a sales pitch.
  2. RepoMan

    scale manta ray

    i saw and really like one of lorenzo's scale manta designs to i made one http://postimg.org/image/4uo7nlkyn/ i had to type out that url by hand (: plz say thankyou. anyway, what i really want to share here isn't the concept of a scale manta ray. that belongs to lorenzo completely. what i'm sharing is the double construction pattern. i felt i needed to share this idea because the small glow in the dark scales didn't turn out so well in my opinion. there's often a small bubble right at the injecter site and the can be unusualy fragile. glow in the dark plastic is kind on expencive so i'm sure it's due to precicely measured injecter matereal. this manta is constructed from large clear scales 14g silver anodised aluminum and small glow in the dark scales. basicaly it's a double construction pattern. the small scales are nested just under the large clear scales on just the bottom two rings of the four rings going through the large scale. i felt that since i did ask foe glow in the dark scales and they turned out a little less than expected i should find another use to share. reworked into existing scale malle yealds fantastic results as well. maybe not spectacular but under the right conditions it does make your whole scale malle glow faintly. it's a subtle yet delightful enchantment or any large scale works. and tyty so much for the large glow in the dark scales. these are fantastic. sry for the crappy spelling and conjugation. i preffer to use an app to do corrections and instead just vomit out words as fast as i can spew them. this particular forum applet is incompatable with my browser and malfunctions if i do any action on it's list or c/p. kk hf l8r
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    large glow in the dark scales. thanks again (: i've made a ton of belts necklaces choakers dice bags etc.etc.etc. but i havent made a full shirt yet. this will change now (: but i'm trying to guess how many scales i will need for a mens small or mens medium shirt. i'm sure there's a guide somewhere but i'm a lazy ass. sry (: any guesses?
  4. RepoMan

    First scales project - Grey Warden mage armor

    i found the scale calculator but sry cant c/p url.
  5. RepoMan

    First scales project - Grey Warden mage armor

    too hard to c/p links but i'd search for chinese archery breast plate.
  6. RepoMan


    looks like 2200. hopefully the large glow scales are suitable. i'll make some smaller projects first (:
  7. RepoMan


    i would post here more often but it geeks out on me. no c/p function. i havent been around much since the last forum software change.
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    scale inlay paper

    that works fantastic. tyty. i never did figure out how to use igp but mspaint does perfectly with this png. thx again
  9. RepoMan

    scale inlay paper

    i have a problem with the scale inlay paper image. when it was convered into a jpg that made some of what should be white into an off white and some of what should be black into gray, this makes using a filler tool very difficult. using a filler tool results in these http://s1.postimg.org/vja1y0iyn/filler_fail.jpg often a filler attempt will hit only one pixle and you'll have to click many times just to get this much. trying to change to monocrome results in this http://s18.postimg.org/6dou038eh/monocrome_fail.jpg i'd repost the original bitmap if you still have it and alter your links acordingly. http://s22.postimg.org/svvgfnzfl/links.jpg
  10. RepoMan

    scale inlay paper

    also, small glow in the dark scales are pretty weak. i'd advise increasing the hole depth by another milimeter. changing to a e4in1 is a sugestable temp fix for the weave strength issue.
  11. RepoMan

    Niobium burrs.

    tumbling would definitly damage the anodising. so would the jar. you'll have to do it by hand. you can pretty easily find some 600 grit or 1000 grit sandpaper online. a few controlled swipes and you're good to go with very little or no damage to the color. would be a good idea to burnish before anodising tho
  12. RepoMan

    TRL scales going to Mars

    lorenzo, we've touched mars?