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  1. Bernice, I do understand about not being able to control exact color. I guess I got the wrong impression from what Jon emailed me: "Tell us when you are ordering them that you are going for a rainbow look. It will greatly help us if we have a goal in mind. Every order of 18G niobium is anodized separately so there really no stock at all" So....I'll just hope for the best.... I'm an optimist. and I'll pray Thanks, Bernice Laurel (Zathrus)
  2. Jon and Bernice, I just placed a big order that contains the following anodized niobium. As you already know, I want 6 "rainbow" colors: 6 colors with 4 sizes each: I ordered yellow for yellow electric salmon for orange dark rose for red violet for purple peacock blue for blue green for green Since the colors are a spectrum, several issues I saw with AN colors: 1. yellow looks a little bit green....I really want more yellow if possible. 2. rose gold or electric salmon for orange....I've got some of each that look orange! 3. I know there's no red, but dark rose is most reddish? 4. probably no problem with the violet 5. I really like the peacock blue in the picture. 6. no problem with green The colors in the "pictures" on your website are the basis for my choices, and are probably hell to duplicate???? . Good luck, and may the force be with you > Thank you, ( I love ya'll) (working on my soon-to-appear new webstore stock!) (You're my sole supplier!) Laurel P.S: yes, I discovered that I might be a mailler: explained to family the gauge of the spaghetti served for dinner.............
  3. First I want to thank all of you who have given me advice about tumbling jewelry! :) I got a DiamondPacific KG1 (I think that's the name....their smallest 2lb vibratory tumbler). I got 2 of the bins to use with the device.... I put 1.5 lb mixed steel shot, a little water, and some Dawn in one and got GORGEOUS TRL fine silver polished amazingly in an hour! :D :sigh: Then..... OMG did I screw up! In the other bin, I put about 2/3 full bin of ground walnut shell with rouge (sold by Diamond Pacific, and the stuff is like powder). And into that I put 4 Jens Pind bracelets made from TRL Rose GF rings 18 and 16g..... all 3.0 AR exactly....fairly tight weave.... I sort of forgot about it, and it ran for about 2 hours.....When I removed the bracelets.... (OMG the stuff got all over me), I washed them in soap and water and noticed to my horror, that the COLOR had changed! To a significantly darker Rose color....almost bronze.... OMG! And it took forever to wash all of the walnut out of the weave.... I still haven't gotten it all out......the weave wasn't mispplaced, thank god, but clearly some stuff is still in the weave...... So now I ask for help! 1. Is there any way to get the original color back? 2. What's the best way to get the "stuff" out of the weave.....I run a strand around my finger and feel kinks in it although the JP ring alignment is still ok.....gotta be walnut stuck in there....I soaked all in soapy water overnight....still kinks..... HELP! Any suggestions or help would be SO appreciated! I'm just ill over the color change! Gods...I'm an idiot.... Zathrus (aka Laurel)
  4. Hello my friends, I really hate to complain about ya'll, since I just LOVE ya'll....but, I received some anodized niobium from you that is REALLY badly burred! I mean....REALLY bad...all kinds of little pieces sticking out from the sawed edges....it looks terrible. I don't know if I can tumble it...if I'd make it just look worse..... I'd like for you to take a look at your anodized niobium..... 18g 5/32ID...I got it from ya'll last year....maybe you don't have any more of it....the newer stuff I just got from you looks ok, but I didn't order any more of that size....5/32, so I don't know if you have any more of the bad stuff.... Hate to gripe....its the first bad rings I've gotten from you wonderful folks.... and your customer service is just great....
  5. Zathrus

    Need tumbling/smoothing/polishing advice

    I like you Kodiak, you're a sweetie Can't tell I'm a perfectionist on a mission, can you? yep, I'll search some more threads..... ...here's to it........
  6. Zathrus

    saw cutting help

    I'm relieved.....but now I'm gonna dream about holding a jewelers saw and sawing steel through eternity ouch..........
  7. Zathrus

    saw cutting help

    O M G......you're gonna be sawing for a LONG LONG LONG LONG time..... Have you considered a drill press setup or a jumpringer?..... I can barely cut yellow brass with a jewelers saw for any length of time.....much less steel good luck
  8. Anodized ULAR rings! Gods....I'm dripping with desire!!!! give me give me give me! I want some SOOOOO bad