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    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    I'm also wondering about the status of the tumblers - I'm interested in anything rotary, not too picky as to which model (Though the cheapest would be my preference if given the choice). Thanks!
  2. RoseThorn

    Mythbusters - Maille Style

    So, last night, after watching yet another enjoyable episode of watching Adam and Jamie blow stuff up, I had a thought. There are a lot of 'myths' that float around in the chainmaille world, that people often recite and yet can't provide evidence to support. For example, AA. Yes, it *can* be tumbled. So, I'd like to 'bust' or 'confirm' some of these. What I'm looking for is suggestions. I have many materials on hand, have both a rotary and vibratory tumbler, etc, so I think I'm pretty well equipped to take this on. Any myth, big or small! So have at 'er! I'd like to do up a series of articles, if I get enough suggestions.
  3. RoseThorn

    Ring nub has a few inquiries.

    Scales yes, wire no. Well, TRL anodizes wire, but they don't cut their rings from that, the rings are precut and then sent to the anodizer. They use a proprietary process to anodize them. I think it involves some form of dark magic Sounds like a fantastic project you're working on Johnny, good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project!
  4. RoseThorn

    My First Project + Misc Questions.

    Yeah, you *really* want to resize those pics... they make the post practically unreadable. Any image editting program will let you do it, or if you host with photobucket, you can edit them there. You can't post in FAQ, because it's not meant to be posted in. Those are questions that pop up a lot, that people can go read instead of re-asking here in discussion. For elfweave, go to www.cgmaille.com For selling bracelets, read pretty much any thread in the Maille Industry subforum. For ring sizes, read up on AR, there's articles on MAIL and on CGMaille. Then you can scale up or down to whatever wire size you want while keeping your rings a good size for whatever weave you're working in. Those pictures you posted have two very different ring sizes, IIRC. I'm not an armourer, so I can't help you, but I'm sure somebody will point you towards a few common armour sizes. Or, do a search on the forum here, it's a topic that's been covered many times.
  5. RoseThorn

    Stab-proof Armor

    Just FYI: This thread was originally started in March, and the original poster hasn't been back since.
  6. RoseThorn

    Lookie what I found - David_Austin

    Hee, very cool! I submitted David's Megaman inlay to Sprite Stitch a while back: http://www.spritestitch.com/?p=2084 They posted my Yoshi as well: http://www.spritestitch.com/?p=2070 All hail and spread the awesomeness that is David Austin!
  7. RoseThorn

    Snakes for background

    I'm pretty sure red brass is the same (or very similar to) jewelers brass, which can be had at TRL. It's lovely stuff, I really like it.
  8. RoseThorn

    Crappy casting

    I'll admit that I haven't done it myself, but so far as I'm aware, you can just push your piece into cuttle fish and usually get a decent imprint. I'm certain I've seen that referred to somewhere, but I can't think of where... For the $2 it'd cost to buy a cuttle fish bone, it probably wouldn't hurt to try
  9. RoseThorn

    Crappy casting

    Why not try cuttlefish? It used to be widely used for casting, and is easy to get. It's in the pet section at the supermarket, for birds to peck/scratch at. Just buy one, cut it in half, carve your design in one half and a funnel for the silver to flow into it through, put that piece up against the other half and wire them together. Ta da, instant mold! It can only be used once, but they're really cheap and easy and sound like they'd work very well for what you're trying to do. Google will turn up lots of pictures and better explanations than mine. *steals one of the beer*
  10. RoseThorn

    First attempt at sculpture and a bad pun

    Ugh... what a groaner! My fiancee would love it, he's the master of bad puns (he calls himself the 'Pun-isher') Very cute! I love it when a project mutates into something completely unexpected! (As long as it's not something that was on a deadline...)
  11. RoseThorn

    Snakes for background

    Those are fantastic pictures... but I personally wouldn't use them to attempt to sell jewelry... they are a bit distracting, and there's way too many people who get the heebie jeebies from snakes! (Not me though... it's gorgeous!)
  12. RoseThorn

    Time wasters

    So, it's a slow day at work, and I'm already bored senseless... anybody have any good time wasting websites to share? Our computers have no sound, and generally don't play nice with video... also, social network sites and things like youtube are blocked. I love icanhascheezburger, cute overload, snopes, bash.org, etc, but I've read them all!!
  13. RoseThorn

    Time wasters

    Old thread is old... like... a year and 10 days old. Thanks though! I can *always* use new timewasters!
  14. RoseThorn

    Packaging/Shipping Job Opening

    No kidding! Thanks for getting my order out so blazingly fast yesterday!
  15. RoseThorn

    Working with silver

    Ack, true... let's see, TRL copper seems to be just slightly softer than TRL sterling (which is half hard). How's that?
  16. RoseThorn

    Anodizing Zirconium

    Aww... but I liked the vocals! Looks like fun, I can speak from experience for the accidentally touching the cathode bit... big spark, scary. Not cool. *is jealous of the zirconium rings*
  17. RoseThorn

    Working with silver

    Yup, copper makes a pretty good substitute for silver
  18. RoseThorn

    Finally let a piece out in public.

    This thread has been dragged off topic enough. Take it to PM's if you feel the need to continue this, please.
  19. RoseThorn

    Packaging/Shipping Job Opening

    *pokes her little brother to give up his current job and go work for TRL*
  20. RoseThorn

    Graduated Squared Full Persian

    Graduated Squared because the graduations are graduated! This is my take on the graduated full persian first pioneered by Spider. Made entirely using standard TRL ring sizes. These are just quick and dirty photos, I'll eventually get around to better ones (and to putting a clasp on!) I'll admit that I was tempted to keep the sizes to myself for a minute, but I think it'll be much more fun to share. So without further ado... 2218, 20532, 201164, 20316, 18732, 1814, 16516, 1638. All sawcut sterling from TRL. And the scary part is that like all my projects, I keep all my ring sizes in my head and can rattle them off a moment's notice! (I'm also very good at identifying ring sizes, which was the source of much amusement at NMF )
  21. RoseThorn

    Recent Jewelry Work

    Natasha was a Spider design
  22. RoseThorn

    Graduated Squared Full Persian

    Keegan! You dastardly man... I'm probably buying a jewelry torch this weekend... how dare you lay down a challenge like that! That way lies madness! I swear, I'm doomed... (and you made me blush )
  23. RoseThorn

    Graduated Squared Full Persian

    Thank you everyone Bilirubin: Yes, it's all sterling silver. Purdy, purdy silver... (Can you tell it's my favourite metal to work with?) Krax: Now being compared to Giger is a fantastic compliment... thank you! Bernice: Nope, haven't tried one smooth graduation yet... I think it'll be more difficult, and might need even more ring sizes to ensure a very smooth fade. My goal would be to make the size changes virtually unnoticeable, so I think I'll need to add in a few odd sized gauges as well. It's definitely something I'd like to tackle eventually. And thanks... I'm a closure snob, hearing that makes me happy! You're right on the background... I think I'm going to buy a piece of tile or something to photograph on. That particular background is the folder I had sitting next to me when I put in the last ring and said 'OOH, it's done, pictures NOW!' Upgrayedd: Nice post for a newbie! You're right, it's definitely the bane of maillers, and I'm guilty of not always being terribly accurate with my numbers. Between my shorthand notation, and the fact that I don't specify gauge system, I'm pretty confusing at times. That's why I usually post 'made with TRL rings' with my threads... at least then people know where I got my rings and can look up the ring info. But, your post made me curious, so I compiled all the ring info in one place for a look see. Ta da! 1638 = 16g 3/8" = .0625"/1.6mm wire, .42"/10.7mm ID, AR 6.7 16516 = 16g 5/16" = .0625"/1.6mm wire, .329"/8.4mm ID, AR 5.3 1814 = 18g 1/4" = .048"/1.2mm wire, .265"/6.7mm ID, AR 5.5 18732 = 18g 7/32" = .048"/1.2mm wire, .232"/5.9mm ID, AR 4.8 20316 = 20g 3/16" = .031"/.8mm wire, .197"/5mm ID, AR 6.4 201164 = 20g 11/64" = .031".8mm wire, .177"/4.5mm ID, AR 5.7 20532 = 20g 5/32" = .031"/.8mm wire, .162"/4.1mm ID, AR 5.2 2218 = 22g 1/8" = .024"/.6mm wire, .125"/3.2mm ID, AR 5.2 Hope that helps a bit, I know it was enlightening for me to see the actual decimal sizes and the AR's. hellhoundK: You'd be... wrong? Like I said in my post, there's only 8. Leonardo: No problem The ring sizes are in the original post, under the picture, but I've also listed the imperial/metric stats and AR's just above. As for time, probably about 4 hours, all told, but I worked on it on and off over a couple weeks.
  24. RoseThorn

    Pre-bagged Product Benefits

    Ditto. I'm well on my way to having my craft store convinced! The shop owner was very excited when I told her about the new packaging.
  25. RoseThorn

    I want to cage a cabochon

    Half Persian 3-1 Half Persian 3-1 Tutorial