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  1. i am working on, essentially, a full body suit of scales. Some sections need to transition from small to large to small scales and vise versa and around again and all over the place. That is the best way to transition between sizes? Can you just continue like usual or is there a specific technique?
  2. Every single one of those reminded me of Avatar. I wants <3
  3. I am from Ered Sul and St Vlad and I will be going to Estrella as my first real SCA event and I would love to meet other mailers! I will be bringing some of my maille to work on around the fire so i hope to see some peeps there
  4. theAfanc

    Dragon tail out of scalemail

    There is a guy on deviant art that makes tails and used to sell them. He did a tutorial and suggests working in the round, not working flat. I am on my phone now so I can't get the link but searching DA for scaled dragon tail should find it.
  5. I fence modern foil and I made a jacket that is too thin. So I knitted a halter top with large scales to go under the front of the jacket. But I fence left handed which means I get hit in the arm. My idea is to make a single sleeve of knitted scale mail let to go under the jacket as well. But the short is pretty heavy and I need manoverability in that arm so I was thinking of making it put of the much lighter plastic material. So my question is, will they hold up?