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  1. Raum

    Drilling Agates ...

    I had been using a lot of drilled agate slabs (pendant like) in a lot of the chainmail jewelry I've done - Until recently, one of my craft stores HAD pre-drilled agate slabs that were the perfect size to use. Unfortunately they no longer stock them. Several of my other projects include other various rock & glass drilling, so I figured Agate drilling could not be that much different, right? RIGHT?? Yeah ... I was very mistaken. Several diamond and glass bits later, I'm now wondering if anyone has any experience, or suggestions with drilling agates -R
  2. How strong/heavy is the new plated iron chain? Weight wise, it's marked the same as the BA chain...?

    1. Bernice Rahm

      Bernice Rahm

      Its not very big so its light - but its very strong.

    2. Raum


      Awesome, ty! :)

  3. Wow, shipping prices seem to have gone up quite a bit.

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    2. Krid


      Yeah, I thought you guys were in the works for a replicator? :P

    3. Bernice Rahm

      Bernice Rahm

      yeah it tore holes in the space time fabric and I had to shelve the project - for now. It was also hard to get a quantum singularity power supply.

    4. Raum


      Boo space time. ;)

  4. Annoyed with all the color changes. :/

    1. Bernice Rahm

      Bernice Rahm

      Machine cut is staying the same. Saw cut is not. The new process for saw cut is so amazing we wanted to have more colors - we simply can't get the SAME colors.

  5. Out of curiosity, why are you replacing bronze with this? They're .. pretty different colors. That sucks, as I use bronze quite frequently. Apparently I have to place an order quickly :/
  6. Ugh. When did the color of the Dark Blue EC change to ... not Dark Blue EC?

  7. @Peach Both! Both!

  8. Raum

    credit card fee's ?

    That's different because you're still using a 'credit card' - just because it's linked to your PayPal account, it doesn't change that .. If you actually pay VIA PayPal (like log in and send a payment), the fee doesn't occur - at least never that I've seen. My Bank charges me SOMETIMES for the Transfer Fee - If my order is over 200$ they've done it every time. Between 100-200 it seems about 50/50. Under 100$ I've never been charged. Silly Bankers.
  9. Was watching The Matrix with the kids and noticed that one of the ship Captains was wear a Euro 4-1 Necklace. Unfortunately it's not a great picture, but I still find it funny when maille pops up in unexpected places.
  10. Raum

    Announcing Scale Flower Kits !

    I tried. There is a minimum order of $5.00 USD Required.
  11. Raum

    Announcing Scale Flower Kits !

    I bought the instructions because I had made this many times over - just each one was "Hmm .. lets try THIS way instead!" Kit's easy to follow - I didn't have the right sized rings - and wasn't going to place a second order to add them. I did find a substitute that I could use ... Might I suggest posting what ring sizes would be needed for the instructions so others don't have the same issue?
  12. Raum


    'Creepy Factor' aside, this is pretty epic! Does it work, or is it just for show?
  13. Raum

    cheaper shipping?

    This was addressed SOMEWHERE a while back - If I recall correctly - don't quote me on this - UPS was also the only carrier that would offer daily pickup to their location.
  14. Raum

    cheaper shipping?

    For those of you who are thinking that TRL is price gouging on shipping, or whatever else you may think, here's something to do: Go to UPS.com - Under 'Shipping', Pick 'Calculate Time & Cost' and go ahead and make a package from Saskatoon, Canada S7K 1P3 to your location. This will give you the estimate of what anyone else would be paying. For reference, I did it myself. From Saskatoon to Las Vegas - 1 pound package, 3" by 3" package - the tiny boxes they can shove rings into are about this size, or so. Cost came back at $31.22USD for ground shipping. Over 75$ for 3 day. Doing the SAME shipment from TRL for 1 pound of rings - Shipping comes to $13.65 USD or $40.40 for OVERNIGHT. Being that Jon & Bernice have one of the, if not THE largest selection of chainmail and other supplies online, if they were going to price gouge us somewhere, I doubt it would be on shipping. In addition - I've been buying from TRL for almost 5 years now - my original order was just under a pound, and I paid close to 20$ shipping originally - They're pretty on top of things when it comes to getting us the best prices. Seems like every few months (oddly, right AFTER i place an order) the shipping prices drop again.
  15. Raum

    cheaper shipping?

    TRL's rates with UPS aren't bad at all. I'm sure they've worked out all the deals that we're going to see. You have to remember that they're shipping from Canada. 12-13$ for a UPS shipment is fairly cheap in comparison to residential, and even many other commercial sites. If you're looking for a cheaper method, they DO have a Postal option, but you get much worse tracking service, if any at all. Generally when I use that option, shipping goes from about 15$ to about 4$.