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    green dragon mini scales

    LOVE the clasp!
  2. The earrings and cuff were a last minute design to go with the body piece I had made.
  3. WireGal

    Chainmail scale body piece

    I needed something to break up a dress that I was wearing to a Science event and came up with this body piece. It was my first attempt at using scales.
  4. Moved to Phoenix from OH and I really miss getting together with fellow artists/mailers. Would like to get a group going here in Phoenix and all the posts regarding get togethers in this forum seem to have stopped, or are just not announcing it's gatherings on the forum anymore. Would love to get together in the evening or weekend maybe once a month to work on our own or joint projects and B.S. about life. Maybe encourage and teach newbees or trade knowledge from seasoned mailers.
  5. WireGal

    Tax time - inventory

    Anyone have any good suggestions for deducting material costs on Schedule C. Publ. 334 mentions not having to do COGS for businesses with less than 1 million dollars in receipts. But, I'm unclear as to how to record the cost in these circumstances.