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  1. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    Anodized Aluminum

    Never got an answer on this. Any ideas?
  2. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    Anodized Aluminum

    Any chance we'll see SXAA19964 or SXAA19532 in Dark Rose anytime soon? My customers VASTLY prefer that color to the standard "cotton candy" shade of pink, but that color isn't listed for those sizes at all on the site.
  3. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    That's great news, Jon, thanks. As soon as we recoup our expenses from this last order, we'll considering placing another for those. Who knows, by that time, you may have made the decision to stock them! I hope that's the ultimate decision, either way - I saw a lot of requests for that size in this thread, and it's used in several of the patterns you sell, so I imagine it would be worth it. But that's why you get the big bucks!
  4. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    So would the SXAA 18g 9/32 be one of the sizes we could order? It's not a 'standard' size on the 18g page, so I'd like to make sure. If it is, and I'm reading this right, we'd be looking at $1,200 for a custom batch of 6 different colors, minus any discount for ordering multiple colors, as you mentioned. How many rings would that be, for each color, approximately?
  5. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    I've looked and couldn't find an answer to this question, so here goes: One of our more popular items is the Sleek Cuff, made from a pattern from your site. The problem we run into is that for custom color combinations, there are no 18 9/32 rings (which are called for in the pattern). We've tried to make it work with 18 1/4, but without the central/spine of the pattern being in 18 9/32, it's always stiff, and sometimes doesn't work at all (for wider variations). Who would've thought 1/32" would make so much difference? But it does... We can make the cuffs with the SXAB 18 9/32 that we ordered on sale last year, but that ruins some color combos. I'm curious what our costs would be for a minimum order of SXAA 18 9/32 in a few of your 'standard' colors. Specifically: Black, Black Ice, Gold, Red, Royal Blue, and White. We'd also be interested in the Green and Purple colors, but I understand those are once-a-year orders for you. Can you give me an idea what those costs would be? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  6. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    I'm glad I remembered this thread - it's still useful over a year later! We're based in Houston, and it would be great to have the ability to make pieces that were in Texas/local sports team colors. I can do Rockets, Texans (more or less), Houston Dynamo, Univ. of Texas, even Univ of Houston - but not Texas A&M, since there's no maroon. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they even have their own special Pantone color, called "Aggie Maroon." I'm not needing any non-standard sizes (I work mainly in SXAA18532, SXAA1814, and SXAA16516 for my colored rings). Any chance this color - which I would think might sell well - will be available anytime soon? Or is there by chance another option that I've not found? Thanks as always for your help!
  7. Rolling Dwarf Studios

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    I've looked all over the AA 19-20g page, but I'm not able to find any listings for rings in the 19g 5/16" size, saw-cut (preferred) or machine-cut. I found the 1/4" saw-cut in the 18g, but I'm really looking for the 5/16". The ID is more important than the gauge, for these projects. The ideal I'm looking for is several thousand rings, probably at least one bag of most of the colors plus two or three bags of the bright silver, all in a 5/16" ID. Am I right in thinking those don't exist at the moment? If I were to do a custom order for the bright anodized, I'm assuming there'd be a large minimum, but I'm not sure from the numbers in this thread exactly what that would be. Help? Thanks!