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  1. strhunter2


    i was wondering if any 1 else here is in scoutting?
  2. strhunter2

    Bra Top questions

    using the Bra Top Instructions from the website what is the approximate time to build and material cost? Thanks, Strhunter2
  3. strhunter2

    Looking for maillers to waeve 4in1 patches

    pm sent
  4. I was looking on pintrest and found a cool little chainmail angle pendant i was wondering if any one knows the original maker or can give a good guess as to what size rings where used https://www.pinterest.com/pin/244249979766919059/ Thanks
  5. strhunter2

    E4-1 and comission questions

    So I just received an email asking for me to make some chainmail that will go around the seat of a motorcycle sounds kinda cool to me (i should know more details by tmro) But this got me over thinking about how much do i quote him, if i quote too high i might not get it, if i quote too low it may not be worth it. for my bracelets i do materials x2 +time =amount, but this would be the first commission piece ive done and im not sure how to price it Which brings me to my next question of how many rings per inch for just standard E4-1 in 16g 5/16? Thanks, Strhunter2 PS hopefully this makes sense i have been up for 36hrs straight at the time of writing this
  6. strhunter2

    E4-1 and comission questions

    i got that peice done, roughly 1800 rings, i charged him 100$ i think it was a bit on the low side, but he wants me to do more so thats good this time he wants a rectangle thats 20 inches x 8 inches, so i did 50$ for materials then im thinking 100-150$ in labour
  7. strhunter2

    E4-1 and comission questions

    wow marky thats impressive, but the client doesnt want any thing that elaborate... yet the clients bike is a 94 roadking single seat. all he wants is a triangle that is 21" long by 4-6" at the point in E6-1 that will hang from the back of the seat so i think it should be good for a first project
  8. strhunter2

    using TRL ring photos

    so im making a cover photo for my facebook page, and i thought hey why not show what colors i have avaliable attached is what i came up with for now using the picture from the site i just figured i would ask permission to use those photos before i posted it Thanks
  9. strhunter2

    is saw cut worth it?

    so ive been making mail for a while but recently ive been thinking about trying to sell at craftshows but first im would like to know from some people with experiance, do you think the extra cost and time for saw cut rings is worth it or should i just stick with machine cut? right now for a standard ( hp3-1,hp4-1, byz, square ect) machine cut bracelet with EDPM rings i can get 15$ each Thanks, Strhunter2
  10. strhunter2

    Making stock questions

    yup makes perfect sense, thanks ... hmmm still no number 3 question ... odd
  11. strhunter2

    Making stock questions

    soo just a couple more questions that have crossed my mind 1. when your making bracelets to sell do you get them to a certan size than finish them or do you leave them unfinished so its easier to size to the customer? 2. when you are making them for a picture just to show off the pattern and the colors you have, do you make full bracelets or just sections of them to save on rings? 3. idk im sure ill come up with a 3rd question in time Hopefully this makes sense to read Thanks, Strhunter
  12. strhunter2

    Making stock questions

    1b. what lengths do you make? 2. right now im just selling on facebook not a shows, the only thing im worried about is i only have 500 rings in each color, and if i make 1 in every color for every style i offer i may not have enough XD 3. still nothing lastnight i completed a bunch of hp3-1 and i think they look good (i know i need a light tent)
  13. strhunter2

    is saw cut worth it?

    sorry lorenzo but what do you mean by "Focus on getting anodized rings that match the EPDM as closely as possible" ? Thanks, Strhunter
  14. strhunter2

    is saw cut worth it?

    okay thanks guys, any tips on how to get OCD perfect closures on sawcut rings? lol
  15. strhunter2

    Dragonscale Necktie

    is this using the "fine" or "micromaille" kit?
  16. strhunter2

    The 'nerd' factor

    lol i like being as my girlfriend says "weird and nerdy" but i enjoy being weird and nerdy, its what makes me different from all of the other cookie cutter people out there
  17. strhunter2

    EDPM bulk price is off?

    hey TRL crew, it might be my math that is off but i noticed that the price of the EDPM bulk bag for 16g 5/16 may be off by a bit. "Black 35% less than the price listed for the colors." bringing the price from $4.70 to $3.05 theres 16 normal bags in a bulk bag so $3.05 x 16 = 48.80 "5% CHEAPER than buying individual bags" 5% off 48.80 would be $46.36 not $47.90 hopefully that all makes sence, and hopefully my math is correct Thanks Strhunter2
  18. strhunter2

    helm chain with 16g 5/16?

    heyy guys, whats the best size for the inner rings for helm chain if the outside rings are 16g 5/16th? Thanks, Strhunter2
  19. strhunter2

    dice bag name inlay

    hey everyone my friend zak just asked me to make him a dice bag with his name on it... problem is ive never done a dice bag, or an inlay the only size ring that i have enough of is 16g 5/16th, the dice bag should be easy enough to learn how to make but im having problems with the inlay ive tryed mocking one up on igp but i havnt been able to make it look good any help? tips? suggestions? Thanks
  20. strhunter2

    dice bag name inlay

    i dont have any 18 gauge rings and i cant afford to buy any yet, thats why im using 16 gauge
  21. strhunter2

    dice bag name inlay

    this is the best mock up i could come up with but to get it to look i had to go with 14 rings high and 40 long i think its going to be a big bag because most of the other bags i saw are only like 6 or 7 rows high
  22. strhunter2

    dice bag name inlay

    thanks, nice dice bags btw, i looks like the side of the bag (not including the bottom round bit) will probably 7 rings high by 40 rings around
  23. strhunter2

    scale flower hair barrettes???

    the barrets i have had a x cut out of the back so i was able just to attach the flower with 2 extra rings, sorry i forgot to take pictures thanks every one... now for a new problem , but thats for another topic
  24. strhunter2

    scale flower hair barrettes???

    hey every one, im trying to attach a small scale flower to a hair barrette for my neice for christmas, problem is every thing i try (hot glue, super glue, contact cement) doesnt hold has any one had any success doing this? is there a super simple method of doing it that im just overlooking Thanks,
  25. strhunter2

    anything new and exciting?

    hey guys im back... kinda, i think its been like what 2 years? lol o well i kinda got bored are there any new designs that anyone came up with? also this is my mums christmas present for this year