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    18 9/64

    Any chance you will consider making 18 9/64 in BA? Sure other suppliers have them but not in all your beautiful colors. Using square 3/16 for JPL is not always an option. And that is not the only great weave that requires a AR of 3.
  2. dorothyroeder

    soft shiny stainless steel

    I got my 16 ga 1/4" stainless steel rings yesterday, the soft shiny ones. Love them. I can actually open them like aluminum. I would reorder lots more, but I am broke now. Is there any chance you will get more of this? Would love other sizes.
  3. dorothyroeder

    14 ga Turquoise

    I see you have 14 ga Turquoise on trial. I don't use 14 ga, but would love it in 16732 and 16516.
  4. dorothyroeder

    tumbling st. steel

    Question about tumbling. I got some twisted wire rings (2 strands round twisted), somewhat dull. They were quite soft. So I tumbled them in walnut shell for a few hours or more and they came out much stiffer. So how much harder would soft steel become after tumbling in steel shot? How similar to harder steel? Looking for a way to work with 16 ga steel more easily.