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  1. Wow just got priced out of a store front by someone selling Anodized Titanium for the price I charge for AA. I can't see how they are actually making any profit at those prices.

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    2. calyx


      @madd-vyking: That sounds pretty probable as to what's going on, and let's face it, the vast majority of potential customers wouldn't google them. "Loss leader" business strategy.

      Wow, that really sucks.

    3. Katlee


      There's loss leader, but if someone contacts them and he gives them a price that's higher for the same piece that's in the shop, they're still likely to wonder what's going on...

    4. calyx


      They'd have to know about the shop however, and if this person sells online, their market is the world. They can afford to lose a rare potential local customer who put 2 and 2 together. Also, one way to deal with cheaper prices is to make your stuff look more professional if possible - nicer labels and presentation - people will assume your stuff is better.

  2. So frustrating to have people admire my work and be genuinely interested until I tell them the price. Worst part is when they argue that a handmade bracelet is not worth $15 dollars. GRRR.

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    2. AlchemistsFire


      Sorry to hear it. For the sake of curiosity - what weave were said bracelets in?

    3. Waluy


      Most of the ones I have on display right now are either HP4-1 or GSG.

    4. Blind Maille

      Blind Maille

      I paid over 70 for one custom chainmaille bracelet back before I got into the craft for the first time (finally getting back into it) 15 bucks is not a bad price at all. If they're trying to tell you "oh it's too expensive" considering it's hand made, then they're just trying to get something for cheap and make you feel bad about your prices. Swindling, it's a common practice which makes artists lessen their own value of their work, those who truly value your work...

  3. As an artist how do you deal with commissions that you don't like the aesthetics of? Just completed a GSG bracelet that looks horrible in the color combo the customer wanted in my opinion.

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    2. madd-vyking


      Yeah, ya gotta make it, a happy customer is better than one that walks away thinking of you as "stuck up" because you think their taste is horrible...guess I'd just refrain from adding photos of that item to your portfolio...

    3. calisandra


      make theirs then make a similar in the colors you really want to make it in, and are happy with, this does help and gives you an extra one to add to your stock

    4. Jax25


      I am in the "just make it even though it's hideous" crowd. I even made a bracelet in our hated rival University's colors once...even though it almost killed me to. :P

  4. Finally got some of my jewelry on display in a store. Owner is charging me 30% of anything that sells and I set the prices. Anything that doesn't sell costs me nothing to have on display.

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    2. Redbeard


      Nice! That's a pretty sweet deal!

    3. ModernChain
    4. Waluy


      Yeah its a local store that does his best to help out artists just starting out.

  5. Turns out my order got delivered yesterday but they left it on my porch with nothing saying it was there so I missed a whole day of having my supplies.

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    2. Zeroignite


      Brilmey'sMom: at least it wasn't something water-damageable...

      Also, who is Brimley?

    3. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      Brimley is my Quaker Parakeet. (Wilford Brimley did a Quaker Oats commercial so the name seemed appropriate.)

    4. Notmykl


      UPS left a box in the back passage between our house and garage. I called them and told them a note would've been nice. They were lucky that I noticed it was there.

  6. Working with SS for the first time killing my hands and destroying my pliers good thing I have extra pliers and take lots of breaks.

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    2. calisandra
    3. Waluy


      Yeah I was using pliers with teeth, but they were just the cheap ones. And yeah I did get the face punch combo in to LOL.

    4. calisandra


      I usually just have to offer blood sacrifices from my knuckles, haven't gotten hit in the face yet

  7. Having another one of those days at work were all I can focus on is chainmaille. Wish I could make a living selling. Unfortunately right now it just provides a little extra spending cash.

  8. Woo hoo order should be delivered on Monday

  9. SWEET my order has officially been marked as shipped. Now I can eagerly pace for the next 7-14 days waiting for delivery.

  10. seventy dollars worth of jewelery orders in two days so what do I do order fifty dollars worth of new supplies LOL

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    2. calisandra


      just sold $200 worth of stuff and got 2 new orders and am trying to order now. but of course ordering way more then what I need for the order.

    3. Waluy


      Yeah only one of the things on my $50 order was for an order the rest is just new stock to increase my options.

    4. mobiuskerf


      Good to know I'm not alone in this!

  11. Starting to get really anxious for my baby to be born and already trying to think of some kind of project I can do for them.

    1. Eduardo Barron
    2. Waluy


      Hmm I like the rattle idea, but the mobile idea makes me nervous if one of the main links breaks it could hurt the baby.

    3. PlasmaFields


      Good luck. I made an SS teething toy, a 3" polished SS round (the pommel off a sword, actually) and 14g SS box, with a 4" split ring at the other end. Other than that, try a fire guard or room divider?

  12. is really glad he thought to set up his auto save on excel today lost power during lunch without having saved.