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  1. So frustrating to have people admire my work and be genuinely interested until I tell them the price. Worst part is when they argue that a handmade bracelet is not worth $15 dollars. GRRR.

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    2. AlchemistsFire


      Sorry to hear it. For the sake of curiosity - what weave were said bracelets in?

    3. Waluy


      Most of the ones I have on display right now are either HP4-1 or GSG.

    4. Blind Maille

      Blind Maille

      I paid over 70 for one custom chainmaille bracelet back before I got into the craft for the first time (finally getting back into it) 15 bucks is not a bad price at all. If they're trying to tell you "oh it's too expensive" considering it's hand made, then they're just trying to get something for cheap and make you feel bad about your prices. Swindling, it's a common practice which makes artists lessen their own value of their work, those who truly value your work...