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  1. Wow just got priced out of a store front by someone selling Anodized Titanium for the price I charge for AA. I can't see how they are actually making any profit at those prices.

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    2. madd-vyking


      My bet is...if by what you mean by "being priced out of the store front" is, that you got bumped out of some prime retail real estate...is that whoever the other mailler is figures they can take a hit on a few pieces, and accept that loss as the price paid for some good exposure-especially if there is reference there to doing custom work or a way to contact the artist. Not exactly a friendly way of going about things, but not necessarily unheard of.

    3. Jax25


      Though I would think that potential customers who looked up their website would think there was something shady going on if the prices are 3 times+ higher on their website than in the shop.

    4. Waluy


      Not sure that they actually had any contact information listed in store. All told though now that my knee jerk reaction of holy cow how can they make any profit at those levels is over I am not too worried about it because nothing says I have to change my prices and I only sell a few a month out of the store anyway.

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