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  1. Right now I sell by word of mouth and my facebook page but on the 17th of Nov I have a booth at a holiday market where I will be taking orders for customs.
  2. So I have been away for a few months working on my newest hobby, THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY TO MAKE SAWDUST (a.k.a. Pen turning). Started back making my chainmail the last few days and figured I would show off some of my other hobby as well. From left to right they are 50 cal. bullet pen (made from a once fired 50 cal round), corkscrew/bottle stopper (the stopper unscrews to reveal the corkscrew), 30 cal bolt action pen, Stylus/pen combo, and a Mach 3 razor handle.
  3. Wow just got priced out of a store front by someone selling Anodized Titanium for the price I charge for AA. I can't see how they are actually making any profit at those prices.

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    2. calyx


      @madd-vyking: That sounds pretty probable as to what's going on, and let's face it, the vast majority of potential customers wouldn't google them. "Loss leader" business strategy.

      Wow, that really sucks.

    3. Katlee


      There's loss leader, but if someone contacts them and he gives them a price that's higher for the same piece that's in the shop, they're still likely to wonder what's going on...

    4. calyx


      They'd have to know about the shop however, and if this person sells online, their market is the world. They can afford to lose a rare potential local customer who put 2 and 2 together. Also, one way to deal with cheaper prices is to make your stuff look more professional if possible - nicer labels and presentation - people will assume your stuff is better.

  4. Waluy


    I am actually in the KC metro area although I have kind put maille on the back burner in favor of playing with my new wood lathe lately.
  5. Ok it was worth asking
  6. Not sure this is the best place for this but it seems the most logical to me. So here goes. My question: Is there any way either now or later on to add a feature such as someone suggesting a color and then putting it to a vote to see if it would be popular enough to do? I only ask because when I posted in the Trading room asking if anyone knew where I could get some maroon there seemed to be a lot of interest in that color.
  7. Waluy

    Looking for Maroon AA 18g 1/4.

    Yeah maroon is one of the popular high school colors here where I live and lots of my customers are looking for things for their teenagers
  8. Waluy

    Looking for Maroon AA 18g 1/4.

    Yeah that is kind of along the lines I was thinking but the "organizer" would have to be someone everyone trusted who had the time to sort and repackage everything we'd also have to factor in the fact that shipping would have to be accounted for twice basically. Because we would all have to pitch in for shipping from TRL and then cover cost of shipping from said organizer to the individual. It just became to complicated in my mind.
  9. Waluy

    Male necklace - Ideas??

    I have a HP3-1 made out of 16g stainless steel that was originally designed as a wallet chain that I wear a lot. Nice thick gauge with plenty of weight plus with the release I have on it it doubles as a get-back LOL.
  10. Waluy

    Looking for Maroon AA 18g 1/4.

    Well the problem with Maroon is it would be a completely custom color so we could get TRL to do it as a custom batch but the min order (if I have read correctly) jumps to $1000 but can be of multiple sizes. So to bring it into the attainable realm we would need to get quite a few people to pitch in. That's why I was looking to see if anyone knew of any company that already offered it.
  11. Made from 18g 1/4" AA
  12. Waluy

    Pink and Green GSG Bracelet

    Made from 18g 1/4" AA
  13. Made from 18g 1/4" AA.
  14. Waluy

    Some advice regarding selling items.

    This is one of those topics that gets a lot of different opinions based on how the individual views their craft. Some will use Materials x 2, others uses Materials x 2 plus time. I personally use Materials + time + profit margin. I do it this way because I view it as a business and the profit margin is what is used to reinvest in the company and pay overhead costs.