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  1. Czar

    I love mailing at work

    I can maille at work..but as I only have 1 co-worker, I can only sell her so much stuff! It is nice though to get paid while mailling even without selling anything. Kinda like going to the bathroom while on the clock. Something about that makes me feel good. Hah
  2. The piece is currently on display at a boutique so I don't have access to count. Sorry though! :
  3. Czar

    How do you store your supplies?

    For rings, urine specimen cups. They stack nicely and are clear so I can see what is inside. Got a box of 100 for $10. Whatta deal!
  4. Czar

    Paypal alternatives for online payments

    I would -highly- recommend using their phone in service instead of knuckle-busting if you can help it. With the phone method, you get an immediate approval/denial message instead of handing the goods to the customer only to find that their card is denied
  5. Czar

    Lots of maille from museums.

    Check that inlay of the man! Kidding!. Wonderful pics though. I hope my closures hold up after so many centuries
  6. Czar

    Looking for Small Blue Scales

    Its been taken care of. Thank you for the offers. (though the discussion on scale alternatives is interesting)
  7. Czar

    Looking for Small Blue Scales

    I suppose anodized but I'm open to other options. Its the final look I'm more interested in rather than the materials used.
  8. Czar

    Maille wrapped candle globe thinger

    From the top down, each row expands 4 rings until it starts to form the dags. I then flipped it over and did the same thing only from the bottom and jointed the middle with the brass rings.
  9. In preparation for a rather large`ish craft show coming up, I wanted to make some pieces aside from jewelry. Our local privately owned craft mega-uber warehouse had some glass candle globe things for $2.50. Here's what I came up with. Nothing too fancy. Ooo. I dig the pattern the light casts on the wall. Stats: SXAB18732 SXBR14716
  10. Czar

    Paypal alternatives for online payments

    I too have heard folks talking about RME. https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/ Mostly because they had some thing going on where you get $25 for referring someone and what not. From what I can gather, its like Paypal. I have a propay account and am beyond pleased with it. Customers of yours do NOT need a propay account to pay you using their bank/credit card since you can dispatch them an email invoice with a secure link for them to click and just fill in their card info. Money takes about 2 days to clear and enter your propay account. Some tiers of service include a debit card that allows access to your propay moolah.
  11. Good day comrade(tte)s. I'm in search of small blue scales as seen here on TRL (yet they're out of stock for a couple months). Not too many, 25 or so of them?
  12. Czar

    How do YOU weave?

    For some weaves, planning ahead is the best course of action. I recently got The Wifey in to mailling to help me with an upcoming craft show (thats coming up way to quickly). She came to me with one Japanese 12in2 earring and asked me to `fix it`. It wasn't busted at all, but I could see that she closed all the large rings first and tried to sneak in the small ones around it all. So when it comes to that weave, its best to close all your small rings first and open the big ones. Sometimes, on a project, I`ll break it down in to sections and work on completing them. It allows me to see that my work is indeed coming together.
  13. Just to keep this thread going. The hand model is smaller than normal so these appear to be monster tabs, which they are not Stats (aside from tabs | 11 per 8" bracelet) SXAB1814 held together by SXAB20332 The scales (small nickel clad) are attached to the inner tab ring by SXAB18316 Time: ~15 min Price: $8
  14. Czar


    +1 to Cuteness
  15. Czar

    Flash Drive Lanyard

    I dig it too! About how long is it?