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    Current: Chain Maille, Photography, Sketching, Oil paints, Cooking,Fishing, XBONE and currently addicted to Terraria and trying to get healthy again.
  1. Mat

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Hey there Jon, Hope this is the correct thread to inquire about ETF (Estimated Time of Fabrication) of DSS1015. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Mat

    Scalemail Hauberk (Complete)

    How cool is that. I've been following this discussion and it has helped me make alot of decisions and taught me alot. Thanks guys.
  3. Mat

    What's in a name?

    Mat...well it has been my nick name since birth so there ya go.
  4. Mat

    AA Trivet #1S

  5. Fidgeting waiting to start my suit-o-armor

  6. Mat


    Practice for first project. Thanx TRL. You are making my life a whole lot more bearable
  7. Mat

    New User Thread

    Great fun getting to understand the craft. TRL's brilliance in choosing steel (SS+BS 16g-5/16 in my set) for the beginners experimentation kits has proven perfect. I will definitely be proceeding in my venture to create a "suit of armor" in the very near future. In the meantime I am using my practice with Euro 4 in 1 to make classic cast iron/grill grate scrubbers for my friends. They are a great gift (cost upwards of $50 USD here in the Florida Keys). The steel is nice because it offers you some idea of what it takes to manipulate a harder metal. Just too much fun. Post Script: Anyone can feel free to contact me.
  8. Mat

    A question about Pauldrons

    I will be starting a set in the near future as well so I will be following this topic closely. Please feel free to share any info at all.
  9. Mat


    Hello TRL, Just wanted to say thank you for existing. Just ordered some supplies (not on this account) and can not wait for their arrival. I recently tried my hand at chain maille with some 1/8" brass and copper rings I found on Amazon (see image in profile or in gallery) and wish I would have waited until I had the proper tools. The pliers I used chewed up the metal and were hard to work with but I truly fell in love with the process. I am kind of stuck on an island down here in the Florida Keys. I used to tie flies (fly fishing), dabble in oil paints and fly big kites as my down time activities but I am currently dealing with a spinal injury and can no longer do any of the things I used to do.....But I can make chain maille and this makes me smile. I am sure I will be happy with the order already placed and look forward to doing plenty of business with you in the future (I have too many ideas), Health and Happiness Mat.
  10. Mat

    First attempt

    Well heres my jagged lil first attempt and although its REALLY rough I'm in love with the process. This will my present to the Mother Unit on th 10th. I wanted to make a new one with proper tools but she loves it so its hers (Im sure I will be doing plenty more). So heres the skinny on my first chain maille experience. The process included Jump Rings advertised as 1/4" via Amazon (TRL had nothing to do w/ this order) showed up and according to TRL's Ring Chart they are really 20g 1/8". Metals used - Copper & Brass equal parts mixed (random) Tools used - Two TOOTHY pairs of "needle nose" pliers I am truly addicted. I cant wait till my order gets here. I already know I need another 1000 rings and the order was placed yesterday (not even shipped lol). TRL Rocks and I am so enthused.