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  1. Japagaijin

    Back Room Gallery Access

    Following up on my request to join this forum
  2. Japagaijin

    Chainmaille Bra

    I am trying to make a Chainmaille bra for my wife to wear for ten faire, does anybody have any tips or tricks? I haven't gotten into the adult forum yet (pending, I have already put in my application), so I need age help for now...
  3. Japagaijin

    NOOB wanting to learn inlays

    I have 4000 18ga 1/4" ba rings and 800 18ga 1/4" aa (black) rings, I want to make a half sleeve with an inlay, maybe a celtic cross...
  4. Japagaijin

    Maryland Ren Faire

    I am planning on going to the MD Ren Faire this year, I as wondering if anybody in here is going, either as vendor, interpreter, or guest?
  5. Japagaijin

    NOOB wanting to learn inlays

    Not too nuts!! I was thinking a basic cross or dragon in a sleeve I'm making for myself (E4-1, 18 ga 1/4" AA, just for costuming purposes, I love me some ren faire!!)
  6. Trying to find inspiration for myself, my muse is not in country right now...

  7. Japagaijin

    Dragonscale help

    Does anyone here have any tips for trying to learn and weave dragonscale? I have made several attempts, but they are all small pieces with absolutely no give, they are hard and straight... I want to learn so I can make jewelry and ties and that sort of thing, maybe even some decorations for armor?
  8. Japagaijin

    The dragon scale tie.

    This is a great forum!! I have seen the ties, and wondered how they worked, now I can't wait to try making one of my own!!
  9. Japagaijin

    Leather Corset

    I love this idea!! I am in the middle of a project trying to make a leather corset and chainmail bra for my wife right now, and the more ideas and help I can get the better!!
  10. Japagaijin


    I'm currently a leader with the Cub Scouts, my son will cross over into the Boy Scouts in January, and yes, he's a mailler too
  11. Japagaijin

    Go home ring, you're drunk!

    I make most of my maille sitting on my bed, which at the moment is the only real workplace I have, and my cat (who stays in my room with me all the time due to another person in the house being allergic) loves to rub his face on EVERYTHING he can, including my pliers while I'm trying to use them, he also likes to lay on the board I use as my work station, getting rings stuck in his fur, and then he'll get up and play with whatever piece I'm making while I'm still trying to weave it!! I love my cat (he's 17), but sometimes, I wish I could put him somewhere (nice) and work in peace for 30 seconds...
  12. Japagaijin

    Sword practice exercises?

    There's also that asian styles of sword fighting as well, I hold a second degree black belt in Japanese swordfighting (not kendo, which is just bashing away at each other with bamboo, although that's an option as well, much easier to find) and if you contact the All US Kendo Federation, they should be able to point you in the right direction to find someone to train with, just ask for Iaido. You can youtube it as well, there's a ton of videos of people doing this stuff
  13. Japagaijin

    NOOB wanting to learn inlays

    I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to maille, and I have been dying to try to make an inlay(?) pattern, but I have no idea how to go about getting started? Any help, please!!!
  14. Japagaijin

    Virginia Ren Fest

    Kinda late now, but I always go Memorial Day weekend, as a vet, I get in free that weekend. Maybe future trips?
  15. Japagaijin

    Central VA Area?

    I am kinda new to mailling (just started a year ago, inspired by armor at the VA Ren Fair), and was wondering if there was anybody in the Greater Richmond area doing Maille? Lord knows I could use some help, even if it's just ideas for jewelry (which I sell to make the money I need to make my armor xD)