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  1. Gav

    Conversion Charts for Books and DVD's

    Are these no longer valid?
  2. Gav

    Tumbleweeds come tumbling down

    Some time back I posted about using flour to clean BA. I have a friend in the aircraft maint. field and he said that is what they use. I have polished BA in a rice and Chromium Oxide then moved it to a rice and flour mix. Comes out very shiny.
  3. Gav

    20 Sided Die

    A maille icosahedron! Very cool!
  4. Gav

    If you could do anything

    *De-lurking* Have not posted in a while. This is an easy one. Anodized Ti Hauberk 16 ga. with SCA Coat of Arms and trim. On the lighter side.... a 24116 ti or niobium bracelet w/ celtic knot work inlay of some kind. (always thought it would be cool) Gav
  5. Just hangin' in there.

  6. Gav

    Sterling Silver Scale Flower

    Very nice work!! I would love to see it in the sunlight.
  7. Gav

    Maille and wire work dragons

    Incredible!!!! Striking!!!! Awesome!!!! I'm amazed!!!!
  8. Gav

    Flame Dress

    Absolutely amazing!! Certainly something to be talked about for a long time to come. Congrats!
  9. Gav


    Really awesome pieces!!!
  10. Gav

    Poseidon's Embrace - titanium necklace

    There are no words!!!!!! *stunned expression on face, mouth hanging open*
  11. Gav

    Euro 4n1 (BA) Hp trim (brass)

    Great googly moogly!! That is incredible!!!!!!
  12. Gav

    Edwardian Renaissance Necklace.

    Wow O Wow O Wow!!! That is incredible!
  13. Gav

    multi strand byz

    Amazing! Really pops out!
  14. Gav

    Work in Progress (micro)

    Very cool lookin' Maille Scarf????
  15. Gav

    Maille & feathers

    That's awesome!!!