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  1. Are these no longer valid?
  2. Some time back I posted about using flour to clean BA. I have a friend in the aircraft maint. field and he said that is what they use. I have polished BA in a rice and Chromium Oxide then moved it to a rice and flour mix. Comes out very shiny.
  3. A maille icosahedron! Very cool!
  4. *De-lurking* Have not posted in a while. This is an easy one. Anodized Ti Hauberk 16 ga. with SCA Coat of Arms and trim. On the lighter side.... a 24116 ti or niobium bracelet w/ celtic knot work inlay of some kind. (always thought it would be cool) Gav
  5. Just hangin' in there.

  6. Very nice work!! I would love to see it in the sunlight.
  7. Incredible!!!! Striking!!!! Awesome!!!! I'm amazed!!!!
  8. Absolutely amazing!! Certainly something to be talked about for a long time to come. Congrats!
  9. Really awesome pieces!!!
  10. There are no words!!!!!! *stunned expression on face, mouth hanging open*
  11. Great googly moogly!! That is incredible!!!!!!
  12. Wow O Wow O Wow!!! That is incredible!
  13. Amazing! Really pops out!
  14. Very cool lookin' Maille Scarf????
  15. That's awesome!!!