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    Soldering Questions

    Hi all. I started making chain maille jewelry a little while ago and am starting to get into soldering. 1. Tungsten v. titanium soldering pick. Are there any differences? Are both able to pick up small pieces of hard silver solder? 2. Flux. I've heard there are fluxes used for flow and others used for protecting from fire scales. Are both necessary when soldering silver or copper jump rings? I just got a jar of handy flux and am not sure if it is sufficient. 3. Does anyone know of a good way to color copper jump rings after using silver colored solder? I was thinking I might be able to put the copper rings in the pickle solution with some steel in order to copper plate it. Does anyone know if that will work? 4. Is it possible to solder titanium to itself? I am looking for a cheaper alternative to silver. All I want is a silver colored wire, like titanium, that can be used to make soldered jump rings. Sorry for the boat load of questions! Thanks for your time and help. Mark