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  1. JTitan

    Some help with Japanese 12-2

    In my many projects I have used it in I find that there is such a great range of uniqueness to it that there really is no recommended AR. As long as the linking rings can encircle and connect the other rings you are good. This uniqueness is the reason Japanese is one my favorite weaves. There are just so many different variations you can have with the same pattern; just by changing the ring diameter, gauge or reversing the orientation of the connecting rings. Not something that is easily done with other weaves. My recommendation is to either find a piece that has the same or similar characteristics you like and use the ring sizes the artist used or just play around with various ring sizes and find a combination you like. Also it is very easy to convert from mm to inches. Take the mm size and divide it by 25.4 that will give you the size in inches. mm/25.4 = inches.
  2. JTitan

    deviantArt members out there?

    I actually have two... http://jtitan-maille.deviantart.com/ is my maille stuff. http://jtitan.deviantart.com/ is my photography account (NOTE this is definitely not work safe.)
  3. JTitan

    Missouri Maillesmiths?

    Fenton here. Southwest corner of St Louis. I travel to Springfield, MO usually once or twice a month.
  4. JTitan

    Favorite Superhero

    Haha!.... I love The Tick! Best superhero ever! "You know, evil comes in many forms, be it a man-eating cow or Joseph Stalin. But you can't let the package hide the pudding. Evil is just plain bad. You don't cotton to it. You gotta smack it on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of goodness. Bad dog! Bad dog!" -- The Tick
  5. JTitan

    Fun picture

    Last month St Louis had a cool snow fall with huge snowflakes. Had to get a photo of Sarah in it. And for those that noticed... She is wearing the 22g fine silver byzantine necklace I made for her. Unfortunately you can't see the matching bracelet in the photo and for some reason she is not wearing the matching earrings.
  6. JTitan

    If life gives you lemons . . .

    My favorite saying is: When life gives you lemons, throw them back in its face and say "I wanted an orange ***hole!" BTW nice rings.
  7. JTitan

    Chainmaille shrug

    Beautiful! I love it! What he said...
  8. JTitan

    Lindstrom probs?

    Sound like a lot of work to save a buck. kodiaknamaste, I seriously envy you and your craftsmanship in tool/retooling. Wish I had half the talent you do with tools. Unfortunately I do not. Thats why I bought something that not only works great and feels comfortable, but required no farting with once I opened the package. Just out of curiosity for all the people putting down the RX's, how many have actually used them, or even held one in your hand for that matter?
  9. JTitan

    Lindstrom probs?

    I have Lindstrom RX pliers and had the same problem. I found that mine would pop loose if I had it at the lowest notch (furthest from the tip) and squeezed hard. It would cause the handle to touch the spring and pop it loose. I solved the problem by moving the spring up to the top notch (closest to the tip) and haven't had problems since. Not sure if this is the same issue you are having but you might check it out. And by the way these were the best investments I ever made for my maille hobby. I can't do maille with out them. My wife and mother immediately ordered some after they tried mine. Edit: I paid around $80 for my two Lindstroms (#7490 and #7892). PM me if you want to know where to get them.
  10. JTitan

    Somebody help!!!

    Well actually the opposite. The inlay called for 6155 red rings. I ordered what I thought was roughly 7080 rings (4720 * 1.5) at the 3/16" or 3.3AR size. I received my 1.5 pounds but due to the unexpected size difference (these were 3.5AR) I only got 5719 rings. So I am short about 436 rings. The other rings in the inlay are of the correct size and are giving me roughly the 15% overstock that I calculated into my order.
  11. JTitan

    Somebody help!!!

    I would rather not modify the inlay but that is my very last option if no one comes forth. I have never had good luck with AA wire and to match the color would be difficult. I always order 15% more than needed, but due to the ring diameter difference (which was not posted at the time I ordered) it threw my count of by 1000 rings.
  12. JTitan

    Somebody help!!!

    I am nearing the end of an inlay project, however I have run out of AA 16ga 3/16" red rings. I only need 450 more rings out of 6155. The problem is that these rings were from a batch back in March that were of a different ring diameter (slightly larger--3.5AR) than the stated 3/16" 3.3AR description. I ordered a small amount of red rings recently in hopes that they would match the ones used in the inlay. Well not only are they slightly darker, but they are now back to the correct 3/16" size. Arrgghh!!! So I come to you in hopes that someone has the same rings that I used in my project that they would be willing to sell to me. I know some of you had to have ordered some of these rings. So please if you ordered any Anodized Aluminum - red 16ga 3/16'' ID (AA16316red) between February 2007 to July 2007 and have some extra you are willing to sell (even if it is not the full 450 count I need), I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me a PM. Desperately searching for a savior to help me in my time of need! Thanks, JTitan
  13. JTitan

    Ring shortage in order.

    I actually order 15% more than I need all the time but the unforeseen inconsistency in size is what threw me off with the red. I don't recall reading anything in the ring description that indicated a change in size, but that was way back in March so my memory is vague. I guess I will have to up my over stock to 20-25% for this reason. Edit: I did check and the red and blue AA16316 rings are showing larger AR values in the description, but like I said earlier I don't recall seeing that when I ordered. Oh well.
  14. JTitan

    Ring shortage in order.

    Yep. My red rings have a noticeably larger ID, 3.5 AR, than the other colored rings, 3.3 AR, however when woven into the inlay it is only noticeable when you stretch it out completely. I guess I never thought that this slight size difference would create a 1300 ring count difference in 1.5 pounds though. Lesson learned. Bernice, did the new batch change in size? I don't think that 110 rows at the 3.5 AR size and 10 rows at 3.3 will look good. I guess I could always order the small amount I need and see how it would do. Not very optimistic about that option however. I would still feel better if someone had some of these rings from my batch that they would be willing to sell. But, since no one has offered, I guess no one has any to sell. I will wait a few more days before I proceed in ordering the remaining rings. Arrgghhh this sucks...
  15. Due to a miss calculation in ordering I am short roughly 500 AA16316red rings. Unfortunately, since I ordered these way back on March 1st, the likelihood of newly ordered rings matching the old March batch are very slim. Does anyone have any of these rings from the March 1st batch that they are willing to sell to me? Even if you do not have the full 500 rings needed I would be interested in them. Thanks JTitan