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  1. Nordhri

    Bishops Mantle help

    Thanks very much both of you. This forum has always been kind and offers useful info. Eric, thanks for the insight. I think I will try both, 4-in-1 and DScale eventually. The more I think of it, and re-watch the Youtube tutorial, the squared look isn't as bad. I've decided to not get into dags. Eventually I will also experiment with scale maille. For now, I aim to do something with euro 4-in-1 possibly with a solid color and accent at the neckline and bottom edge. I may even just to a cheap (price wise) aluminium version to get the feel for the project. This is the tutorial I mean:
  2. Nordhri

    Bishops Mantle help

    Thanks for that Paladin! Some great suggestions there. Now to save up and give the ring lord some money.
  3. Nordhri

    Bishops Mantle help

    I see what you are saying. Since I am doing a mantle and not a coif, would I begin with a strip of 4-in-1 then? Also, I assume tge enlargement process would change for smaller rings? I'm not saying ai want to go to mithril (spelling) levels of small.
  4. Nordhri

    Bishops Mantle help

    Greetings! I'm interested in making a rounded Bishop's Mantle. There's a great tutorial on youtube, but its a squared mantle. Also, I am curious if it is possible to do a mantle with dragonscale?
  5. Nordhri

    Square Wire

    Greetings.. I am looking for a chart that give suggested ring sizes for various weaves. At the moment, I specifically am interested in suggest square ring sizes for a full persian wallet chain.