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  1. StrayVagabond

    What are the Plated Iron Rings plated... with?

    I'm looking at the Plated Iron rings [these] Probably nickel?
  2. StrayVagabond

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    hey bud? if you're gonna be a boomer about it, there are other places to shop
  3. StrayVagabond

    Ordering just one COIL-SS18316

    Whenever I try to order just a single unit of COIL-SS18316, it insists I have to buy 8. I do not understand
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  5. StrayVagabond

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Sweet. Any word on SS1201?
  6. StrayVagabond

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Any news on SS18316?
  7. StrayVagabond

    What are the Plated Iron Rings plated... with?

    I'm also wondering about the Enameled wire. I've been looking around google for a bit but I can't seem to discover what enameled wire is enameled... with? The ringlord page says it has a "colored layer and plastic coat" but what is that colored layer made of?
  8. Plastic? Some other metal? They look really good, I'm really curious.
  9. StrayVagabond

    Uncut Coil Yields

    So, looking at 20 gauge bronze, 5/32" ID... its listed at ~411 rings/oz... so 1 lb of that coil should yield around 6.5k rings?
  10. StrayVagabond

    Uncut Coil Yields

    omg duh >< thank you
  11. StrayVagabond

    Uncut Coil Yields

    So I'm trying to determine how to proceed with how I handle materials for making my jewelry. Up until now I've been ordering cut rings, but now I'm trying to do the math on the cost-effectiveness between cut rings, uncut coils, and spools of wire. I've gotten most of it worked out, but now I just need to figure out how many rings a pound of uncut coil yields; specifically 20 gauge, 5/32" ID. I see information for how many rings they yield per square foot of uncut coil, but I can't figure out how many pounds of coil make a square foot >< Anyone out there already do the math for any of this? Either rings per lb of coil, or lbs of coil per sq ft?