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    Madison, WI, US, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way, Known Universe...
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    include, but are hardly limited to: woodworking, carpentry, furniture restoring/refinishing; home improvement in all it's many forms; motorcycles and the whole biker thing; gardening; alternative energy & repurposing & recycling projects, dumpster-diving and curb-picking and thrifting and yardsale-ing; jewelry making, chain-mail(le)ing, leather-crafting, and pretty much just creating anything; cooking & grilling (working on building a smoker), home-brewing & liqueur making (and consuming!), microbrews and imported beers; technology, science, history, reading and learning in general; I love Ren-Faires and the whole medieval thing and Ancient Rome and lost civilizations and on and on....and pretty much whatever my mind wanders off to next...SQUIRREL!! edit: Most recent obsession, Steampunk stuff.

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  1. Thought I should surely say SOMETHING as I haven't updated my status in a year and a half. But I got nuthin'...

    1. heckle


      It's been much longer for me and I know how you feel.

    2. madd-vyking


      This status board just doesn't seem to see a lot of action anymore...