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  1. I ran a search for the answer to this, and Blue Dawn gave me 47 returns...after a few minutes reading through them, I give up. I get why you wouldn't want to use a soap with moisturizers added; I can kinda see that you don't want one with added bleach, and might not want to mess with anti-bacterial stuff--who knows how it might react with your metals(?) but....... Why the brand loyalty to Blue Dawn? Does somebody here own significant stock in Proctor & Gamble? Wouldn't the plain versions of Ajax, or Palmolive, or Ivory all work the same? What's the skinny?
  2. madd-vyking

    Jewelry Supplies - all beads, clasps, chain etc

    Wondering on an ETA for stainless steel 8mm pendant bails (stock # jsbail-8SS), as well as the stainless steel 4mm 1/2 round rings (stock # JSElem-SSRng). TIA, Oh Mistress of Answering Questions 😉
  3. madd-vyking

    What's in a name?

    Sometimes the names people choose to use on forums gets me to wondering what makes a person choose the names they do. Sometimes it seems obvious---more often, ...not so much. So, I thought I'd put the question out there for those who care to share...What led you to pick the name you use? Guess I'll start... So the "vyking" part I come by honestly...15 some odd years ago I was dubbed "Viking" by some biker buddies (Bikers seem to have a really hard time getting by without nicknames!). Being that I'm 6'2", 20+ stone, with blond hair that's been cut once in 25 years or so, and sport a 3 year beard...I live the part everyday. More folks I know at this point probably call me Viking than my given name. Spelling it "vyking" just helps when you're trying to find a screen name that hasn't been taken without adding a "123" to the end of it. The "madd" comes both from my mental state (more slightly insane than angry) and the city I call home, Madison, WI---affectionately referred to as "Mad-town" or the "Mad-city" by the locals. I'm madd-vyking on just about any forum I frequent. So, what's your story, morning-glories??
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    Titanium - Anodized and Plain

    Thanks for the update, Jodey. :-)
  5. madd-vyking

    Titanium - Anodized and Plain

    Can you offer up an ETA on 18swg 3/16" saw cut anodized titanium in any of the colors? All your saw cut 3/16" seems to have been out of stock for months, now. Thanks much in advance.
  6. madd-vyking

    Anodized Aluminum

    Hoping for a restock ETA for SXAA1614black, aka saw cut anodized aluminum 16swg 1/4" in black. Please and thank you!
  7. madd-vyking

    Jewelry Supplies - all beads, clasps, chain etc

    Wondering on status of 7x3 mm stainless steel beads/rings ?
  8. Thought I should surely say SOMETHING as I haven't updated my status in a year and a half. But I got nuthin'...

    1. heckle


      It's been much longer for me and I know how you feel.

    2. madd-vyking


      This status board just doesn't seem to see a lot of action anymore...

  9. A top hat and hat band collaboration I put together with a friend that happens to be into making custom handmade leather toppers. The band is made from over 1600 stainless steel and distressed black stainless steel rings, with just a few red anodized aluminum square wire rings for that "bang" of color. (All rings from TRL :-) ) The band is done in Dragonscale and measures about ~7/8" wide, and a full 25" long. The Vortex focal measures ~1 1/2" across, the whole shebang weighs almost 9 ounces(!)... I was going for a style reminiscent of industrial snake skin, to compliment the rugged Mad-Hatter-meets-Snidely-Whiplash look of the hat itself, making for a marriage of Old West Steampunk and modern day biker.
  10. madd-vyking

    The 'nerd' factor

    I'm a nerdy/geeky/weird biker, I guess. I am... "The Biking-Vyking"... :-D I (and my wife) am(are) more likely to be wearing chainmaille when out and about with the biker crowd than actually working on it... If I actually get out of the house anymore, it's just good to see people. My wife may be wearing her jewelry or bikini top, or any of my newest jewelry as my own personal "Vanna White", and my rags have chainmaille incorporated into them, as well as zipper pulls on the vests and jacket, etc, not to mention my own pendants and bracelets... I'm a frickin' walkin' billboard!
  11. madd-vyking

    Jewelry Management Software

    (After a quick search, it seems it's been a few years since this topic was last discussed, so here goes...) Well, my jewelry business has reached a point where my rudimentary system of "office management" has become more a hindrance than any kind of help. It's time to bite the bullet, and graduate from my system of little pieces of notepad paper with all my inventory-materials and finished pieces, pricing, consignment items, orders, customer info, etc, etc... to some kind of computerized system. It seems that most times, being a mailler for some reason goes hand in hand with having lots of computer skills, however, I am lacking. Technology seems to thwart me at every turn, and I hate dealing with it, so much so that I am now at a point, seriously, where I have compiled HUNDREDS of pages of poorly organized information hand written on notepad paper, rather than deal with building spreadsheets, databases, etc. I have absolutely no inclination to create my own system from scratch-I could force myself to learn to do it, but it would take me forever and a day to do so, and there would be absolutely no joy in it. I want to create, and everything that takes away from my time doing so is a drain. So, I am looking to find all the opinions I can concerning any jewelry management software anyone may be using, ala Jewelry Designer Manager (Pro or Deluxe), or Bead Manager Pro, or any other similar programs that may be out there. Looking for something to be the complete (or nearly) package for me, and these sound great, but I'd love to hear from some folks who may have used them. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any free (or reasonably priced) trials, that I'm aware of, before laying down the big coin. Thanks in advance all your help! EDIT: posted at M.A.I.L. today as well, if you frequent both boards, sorry for the redundancy... )
  12. madd-vyking

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Jon, That makes me very sad... Love that stuff! ...and only have just a very little left in my stash... Have y'all entertained the idea of more powder coated black stainless at all? And if so, would it be possible to get it in matte, satin, and gloss finishes? This would be an awesome thing!
  13. madd-vyking

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    What is the overall story with saw cut blackened stainless? Is it likely to be a thing again at some point? And, if so, what kind of general time frame are we looking at?
  14. Will keep an eye out as you add things in... What i'm really looking for is 18swg saw cut square wire stainless steel, in TRL old stock (rounded edge)... If some of that turns up, I am definitely interested!
  15. Hello, All! Looking for some of the old stock, TRL 18swg (equivalent)/ .047" SQUARE WIRE 5/16" saw cut stainless steel rings. These are the ones that are not a true square wire, with a sharp edge, but are square with a sort of rounded over edge--almost octagonal in profile. I could use at least several ounces to maybe a half pound? Could also use some in 1/4" made from the same wire stock, but not as important--I've still got a few of those. ;-) If you have some that you know you just won't ever use, I'd be interested in buying up a few. Will pay "face value", plus shipping, from the U.S.---international only if shipping costs are reasonable. My thanks in advance...
  16. madd-vyking


    Thanks! Looking at Dragonback or Persian Dragonscale as the weave, have been planning it in 14swg, but wondering if I could get away with 16swg. Sounds like probably not. He is warned it will not be like stainless, but 14swg should still be fairly tough, eh? And, yes, he also knows it will be huge, but seems to be into it... Also, while I've got your attention...there is no color issue with the 14g or 16g brass, correct? He definitely wants the yellow look of brass, not reddish... Lastly, I asked a couple times in the "Bronze" topic...but is there any hope for "18 gauge" equivalent bronze rings anytime? I do love the bronze! Thanks very much in advance!
  17. madd-vyking


    Product info lists your brass alloy as 1/2 hard...is there an option or a way to purchase full hard brass? Or can tumbling/ work hardening get it there? I have a customer very specifically wants all brass, but it's for a wallet chain--and I'd like it is as strong as possible...
  18. madd-vyking


    Checking in on 18 "gauge" square wire bronze again...
  19. madd-vyking

    Help pick the colors for tiny scales

    Mirrored silver, for sure!
  20. madd-vyking


    The 20g square wire is great, I just noticed you have added it. I will be ordering those with my next order. But, what I'd really love is some "18swg" square bronze wire rings...Any plans on adding those in the not to distant future?
  21. madd-vyking

    Jewelry Management Software

    NathanJohnson & calyx...Really appreciate your input here. The best advice, I think, to come out of it, is: "What I should have done (now that I think of it) was buy the new Deluxe software, decide which functionalities and reports were important to me, then hired a college accounting intern to get me fully set up, then continue on at 3 hours per week to maintain the system and inventory management. Now THAT would have been smart I could just keep on doing what I already do - write down project details on little pieces of paper, or inventory used, and print out sales receipts - and hand them over once a week for the intern to process Hmm, I think I am going to do that Wow, this has really helped me! Thanks for asking the question, now I can stop suffering and feeling guilty :)" In the end, I am far less concerned with materials inventory...that part is really pretty easy--I'm on a much smaller scale, no quarter million crystals in stock, here--my biggest problem with reordering supplies is not figuring out what I need, but what I need to take OUT of the cart before ordering, because I can't afford all that I need (want?), i.e. what can I put off ordering until later (pretty much like my home budget and paying the bills, unfortunately... ;-) ) I need the place mostly to enter info on pieces I've created, including materials data and photos, as much to be able to recreate it as to be able to price it initially. And frankly, pricing an item isn't difficult, either, just a bit time consuming, and with my current system, simply impossible to reference at all. It's gotten ridiculous--in order to look up a piece I have to shuffle through stacks of 3" x 4" paper scraps, ordered by the number in which I entered them into my "system". And without attaching a photo--sometimes if I've made something very similar, I have to refer to the weight of it to narrow down the correct slip of paper. The biggest roadblock I'm facing, sans a software designed to do this, is less an unwillingness to use a spreadsheet at all--but a complete lack of knowledge in how to use them/build them. I can envision what makes sense logically in my head, probably several different spreadsheets, and hopefully they's be reference-able by each other, and you can attach photos to them, etc. I want to type in a serial number, and have a separate little window pop up on my screen with every conceivable bit of data associated with that item all there in one place. I want to drag and drop 12 of those into one folder so I can say, I have these on consignment at store "X". And I sold this to Joe Blow on such and such date. Etc. I don't know how to set this up, I know there are references for learning how to do this, I know I can learn how to do it. It would take many hours to do, hours that I would much rather spend doing almost anything else. If I can buy something ready made that someone that knows how to do this has already done, then why reinvent the wheel? One thing I am trying to learn to embrace, however, is the concept of trading my skills for those of others. I've been a D.I.Y.-er on the cheap, in so many ways, for so many years, that this is tough to remember as an option many times. But I've started to realize that I can trade jewelry for photography services, modeling services, computer services, internet/social media/marketing services--and I guess, yeah, maybe for accounting services as well. Just need to keep reminding myself of this. So, thank you both!
  22. madd-vyking

    HD Themed Reversible Collar 03

    ...and the black side.

    © 2014, EnVee Jewelry Design

  23. madd-vyking

    HD Themed Reversible Collar 02

    The orange side...

    © 2014, EnVee Jewelry Design

  24. madd-vyking

    HD Themed Reversible Collar 01

    A "reversible" collar for a dear friend's best friend and service dog, it's an Xmas present from her to him. King's maille in Harley Davidson colors, saw cut anodized aluminum 18swg 1/4", 12 1/2" long by 1 3/8" wide. I do like the two sided effect.

    © 2014, EnVee Jewelry Design

  25. madd-vyking

    Tarnished Rose Gold Filled?

    It's surely the copper portion tarnishing, and should clean up just as easily as copper does...A cup or so of plain white distilled vinegar, a couple TBSP of salt in a tupperware container. Wash your piece gently first with a toothbrush and a little dish soap to get rid of basic dust, dirt and grime, rinse well in cold water, then dunk the piece in your vinegar solution, put a lid on it and shake it around a bit...probably won't take more than 30 seconds,,,then pull it out, and before you marvel at how clean it is, rinse it in plenty of cold water to neutralize the vinegar. If it makes you feel any better you can go the extra step of making a solution of a couple TBSP baking soda in a cup or so of water to completely neutralize the vinegar, then rinse in water again. you may want to wipe the whole thing down with a polishing cloth once it's dry, should look good as new.