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  1. so, I'm hitting a wall and am looking for some help. I've been trying to get an inlay pattern featuring the sigil for House Stark from Game of Thrones. I can't get IGP to work for me, nor can I find it online, so I'm in hopes someone in the community can lend a hand. Thanks!
  2. Ideally, hanging the right way, in a 16ga 5/16ths would be great. as far as the program goes, i just cant seem to get my head around it and get it to work for me.
  3. Biggest consideration is somewhere to lay the thing while you're working on it. I was a it over ambitious myself when making my first shirt, and found that turning and flipping it when i was in the last stages of assembly were the toughest. You may want to think out where you can lay it flat to piece it together, or getting a dress maker's form to hang it from so you can make alterations.
  4. I've used the mixed shot/dawn soap with mixed success (hehe, get it) it worked well on the scales I had in there, both stainless and tempered carbon but the pin tore my tumbler barrel up something fierce. For basic cleaning; essentially on new ring day when I pull them out of the envelope from TRL, I do short grain brown rice. It doesn't really matter what the material is, BA, SS, Blackened Stainless, I toss it in dry with rice and let it run for an average of about 8-12 hours/ overnight and when I pull the rings out they're nice and clean with no oil or cutting lube left on the rings. Just my two cents for what it's worth
  5. Hello out there, I'm in need of some help, it seems that the original scale flower/ rose tutorial that existed at one point may have gotten toasted in the rebirth of the forum. I was wondering if anyone had a pdf copy, or existing tut that i could use as the link I had now just brings me to the front page of the forum. Thanks!
  6. why is copper so addictive?

  7. you two are my new bestest friends my sister and my girlfriend will both thank you!
  8. Yep, thats the one, but yeah, the pictures and actual walk through are missing, oh well, i'll have to steal one back from my girlfriend and re-teach myself
  9. There used to be a trigger clasp, about an inch and a half total length the widest part of the opening is about a half an inch. Is there any chance that these would be carried again? I ordered a few, and and running low, they work great for keychains and wallet chains
  10. Amazing work, simply stunning.
  11. gonna take some time for my brain to realign for quoting out new projects, but looking good from where i'm sitting
  12. I actually found that brown rice works MUCH better than white, plus the brown seems to absorb the dirt and oil so you dont get it on your hands (or in my case, my ring monkey's hands).
  13. havent started guessing, just seem to be able to pull the right amount out. and... YMBAMI: you're making your gf some form fiting maille and start thinking that it needs more to it than the original idea
  14. black stainless is probably the way to go if you want to keep the black, or just regular stainless and enjoy the color of that. as for weave, I'd suggest 16ga 5/16th in a e4-1, at least thats what i've got planned for when i finally have a fireplace ;-)
  15. depending on how sharp the burrs are, brown rice MAY do the trick. it should be hard enough to start to wear it down enough. the cornmeal isnt a bad idea but it may take a little while. If those don't do the trick, i'd go gravel or sand.
  16. The follow up to that would be that the one color in said ring size/ gauge is the only one that is out of stock when you go to order it.
  17. for me, it usually goes in waves, i'll think of something new, and go make it. after doing a large batch of the same thing for a show, i'll usually have a week or so where i dont even want to touch my pliers until my girlfriend asks for something new, or needs some earrings to match her outfit for work that day and doesnt have anything that would work until i make it
  18. Ok, dumb question time, and this is mostly because I can't get my brain to wrap its self around this. In a vibratory tumbler, using brown rice as the medium, wouldn't the majority of the rings settle in the bottom and not get polished?
  19. Hey all, this question's plagued me since the begining, what do you do with your AA rings that come in that arent the right color? Blues that didnt take quite right and so on? And also any rings that you've gotten over zealous and warped beyond usable states?
  20. would love to see it
  21. yeah, so far my werid ones have all wound up in a long chain that several people seem to love because its a mix of off colors. Yet, i cant bring myself to make anything for them because the off colors make me twitch
  22. i've made my girlfriend a bunch of byz in 18ga 3/16, have a nice heft to it and she wears it all the time
  23. Just wondering if anyone in the area would be going to the San Francisco Pride Parade this weekend?
  24. i just use the silver ones that i keep as standard. remember, the hook isn't what people are going to be looking at afterall
  25. biggest thing for me is to only go for bursts of 45 minutes to an hour straight at most, and just keep my hands warm while they're resting. I've got some old problems from too many years in a bakery but i have found the mechanix gloves, or similar mechanic style gloves work best especailly if i'm working in steel.