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  1. dreadfuljam

    Full Persian Necklace

    Another piece from when I was just a beginner but was starting to drift away from the pre-made kits and making stuff on my own with only tutorials as reference for refreshing or learning. Weave: Full Persian
  2. dreadfuljam

    Byzantine anklet

    Having fun with leftover rings realized I have wrist and neck jewelry but other kinds so I made this anklet. Weave: Byzantine

    © dreadfuljam

  3. dreadfuljam

    Slave Bracelet

    Another one of my first pieces from when I was just starting out, this is one of kits I bought from a chainmail supplier called Hyperlynks if your from the ontario, Canada you might have heard of them. The kit was called Japanese Hand Flower. 8 in 2 Japanese weave
  4. dreadfuljam

    Dragon Slave

    Found a tutorial 2 years ago someone created for making a asian dragon, the tutorial one was meant to be a keychain and altered it a little to change it into a slave bracelet. Weave: Dragon scale Persian hybrid, 4 in 1 european and box chain

    © dreadfuljam

  5. dreadfuljam

    Chainmail And Glass Die

    Well I came across it on this chainmail community called maille artisans or something they have a huge weave archive that people have also posted they're own weaves. Anyway the cube in my profile pic is 8 in 2 Japanese weave. It's very easy to find if you type 8 in 2 cube its like one of the first 3 or 5 links.
  6. dreadfuljam

    Orders and Shipping

    This may sound dumb but if I'm having an order shipped to a location in Toronto would the order be shipped from one of your locations in Toronto?
  7. dreadfuljam

    Chainmail And Glass Die

    Is that a japanese 8 in 2 weave (well its like the rings are in threes instead of twos)? Also is there anything in the centre or is it just layers of chainmail?
  8. dreadfuljam

    Harley Posture Collar

    A different view of the posture collar.

    © dreadfuljam

  9. dreadfuljam

    Harley Posture Collar

    The result of looking at a lot of posture neck jewelry on pinterest and leftover rings.

    © dreadfuljam

  10. dreadfuljam

    Victorian Choker

    Just using up leftover rings for various small and quick projects, so I made a victorian style necklace. Weave: Japanese 12 in 2

    © dreadfuljam

  11. dreadfuljam

    Armoured Purse

    My first ever successful large project, I have been working on this on off during my free-time (during the school year it gets tough to keep at a steady pace for large chainmail projects) for over a year and finished this back in late June this summer. I am very happy how this turned out, but I have some plans with how I can make this even better. Weave: European 4 in 1, Barrel or Double Vision (strap), Byzantine (for strap attachment flaps)

    © dreadfuljam

  12. dreadfuljam

    Maille purse with lid folded back.

    Gorgeous, sorry but what's the full name of EPDM I like the weave you used for the body of the purse. Would like to make another maille purse but use this weave it seems more finished to me. Please tell me.
  13. dreadfuljam

    Little Red

    A size comparison between him and Rainbowpus to get an idea of how small he is.

    © dreadfuljam

  14. dreadfuljam

    Little Red

    I wanted to have fun with micromail so I made a mini octopus (he's filled with cotton stuffing like Rainbowpus), instead metal embellishment chainmail pieces I used two rings in an x formation for the eyes. Isn't he just adorable?

    © dreadfuljam

  15. dreadfuljam

    Compass Rose

    Just another one of those kits I picked up.
  16. dreadfuljam


    Another kit I picked up at a arts and crafts festival its just cute and I love octopus (octopi?) so I had to make it.
  17. dreadfuljam

    Redglow - Close-up

    A close-up of Redglow.
  18. dreadfuljam


    Redglow is an even longer dragon then Bruno (my bronze dragon, which by the way now that I think of it didn't exactly use the ring sizes listed in the tutorial they're a little larger and didn't follow exactly the way its shown how to make the body in the tutorial so he is a lot looser and floppy but feels like if water took on the form metal the way its slides in your hands which I love) Redglow on the other hand follows the tutorial exactly except that I used box chain for the tail and the colours are my own combination. (well kind of Harley Quinn based in terms of colours) I decided to use some glow in the dark scales that glow really well when left under any light source for a few hours. I would like to make another to pair with this, I'm thinking using The Joker's colours (purple and green) and maybe add some more scales the head and tail with maybe some of the large size scales.

    © dreadfuljam

  19. dreadfuljam

    Japanese 12 in 2 Bracelet

    Swiped the tutorial papers for a kit to make this bracelet from my mom, she's the one that got me interested in it. She likes to do different forms of jewelry making in her free time. Anyway, I had made one using a larger ring size which I absolutely loved but somehow lost (very sad until I can get supplies to making another). This little guy will have to do for now.
  20. dreadfuljam

    Bronze Box Chain

    Had a lot large bronze and bright aluminum rings left over and decided to make a chunky statement piece looking necklace. Its a little heavy to wear but manageable.

    © dreadfuljam

  21. dreadfuljam

    Bruno - Close-up

    Same bronze dragon I posted before just a close-up shot of it and I have named him Bruno.

    © dreadfuljam

  22. dreadfuljam

    Bronze Dragon

    I decided I wanted to experiment with something other than aluminum and bought some bronze jump rings. I had been wanting to do a more improved version of the blue dragon bracelet and one of a larger scale that actually used scales on the back. I used the same tutorial that I had used for my dragon bracelet but made it longer and used the ring sizes that he mentions in the tutorial. (chainedbeauty is his name on Deviantart, check him out his stuff is amazing. I hope I can make something of his calibre one day.) Weave: European 4 in 1, Box chain, half persian

    © dreadfuljam

  23. dreadfuljam

    Key to My Heart

    So two years ago the first piece of jewelry my boyfriend got me was this beautiful heart key necklace with a sterling silver chain broke while at work. I still don't know how cause I don't remember anything getting caught on it and I wear it all the time and at the time had had it for 4 years with no incident. I used another chain from a necklace then last summer I decided to try and incorporate things into chainmail so I made this beautiful byzantine bright aluminum choker chain for it. One day when I have the money I replace the bright aluminum sterling silver jump rings but this will do for now.

    © dreadfuljam

  24. dreadfuljam

    Steam Punk Choker

    Another one of Hyperlynks's kits, it uses gears and cogs. The kit was meant to make one bracelet but they supplied enough materials that I made a choker instead. It is great for steampunk enthusiast or cosplayer.
  25. dreadfuljam

    Death Cube

    This another one of my favourite weaves and also one of my favourite pieces. I am constantly toting this little guy around in my purse and I like to fiddle with him when I'm bored. Weave: 8 in 2 Japanese cube

    © dreadfuljam