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  1. Jessica

    Low income is not low income in Alaska it seems...-Rant

    Back to the rental aspect of low income housing -- if these are federally based programs, they need to know your financial history because they calculate your portion of rent based on that. They don't want you to spend more than 30% of your income on rent and utilities -- above that thirty percent (using a formula for utilities, not real world numbers) they subsidize the rest of the rent amount. If your income is high enough, you can go over that 30% up to a certain amount -- I forget what. I used to work for an agency that did this, but it's been a while. If it IS a federal program, find out if you can tap into the programs that will allow you to purchase a home, or set aside some of your rent money towards a down payment in future. You can get a nice house if you are willing to jump through the hoops. Your rents are lower than ours -- we live in gold mining country, and they are stupid high here for what is available.
  2. Jessica

    Enameled wire????????

    It's been a really long time since I've hand cut rings, but I used to use the method where you thread the blade through the coil and cut from the inside. That works reasonably well with chunky rings, but -- of course -- not with tiny ones.
  3. Jessica

    work in progress

    Thank you. And good for you, Lingvaron, for coming up with it as a solution.
  4. Jessica

    Cut off all my hair :)

    The bangs are sexy! Good choice -- you look great.
  5. Jessica

    Trimming hauberk skirts

    Ohhhhh, that's pretty!
  6. Jessica

    work in progress

    I've been MIA for a long time, so I don't know the latest on seaming techniques -- but I like the look of this. Is this something that's being used a lot/has a name, or is it something you've come up with?
  7. Jessica

    Safety glasses?

    I do while cutting, but wear regular glasses while weaving. And needles in the eye? Nooooooo! I have eye conditions as well, and that threat is constant. Eye Doc: "Well, we can always go the injec..." Me: "Nooooooooooo! Only if you shoot me with the tranq gun whilst I run screaming through the parking lot."
  8. Excellent and thoughtful explanation -- thank you!
  9. Jessica

    New Sterling Clasp Poll

    Swivel is good!
  10. Jessica

    I broke my saw =(

    THAT'S exactly true!
  11. Jessica

    I broke my saw =(

    Oh, yikes! I've had that happen. Eye protection, eye protection, eye protection. Glad you are okay.
  12. Jessica

    Remember me?

    So glad you are better! Yay!!!
  13. Jessica

    So many keys, must be a janitor.

    I keep coming back to this one -- I'm delighted by it! Great work!
  14. Jessica

    Help with JPL3

    When making this in 20g 3/32", I bump up my clasp connector rings to an 18g/3mm and orient it in the same direction as I would if I were adding on a 20g ring to continue the weave. It seems to be an attractive visual proportion and that 18g ring is nice and tough to use for a clasp end. This size JPL is actually my favorite chain and is also one of my very best sellers. Also -- digital calipers are wonderful. I have five sets of round mandrels and they are not always *exactly* the diameter they are supposed to be to get the ring size that suits your AR. The digital makes reading those nuances a lot easier to figure out.
  15. Jessica

    Mandrel Sizes

    I don't know that I'm ambitiously arty , but I make jewelry, so I use both. The tiny size differences can make or break a project.