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  1. OriCat

    Torch Troubles

    So I acquired two handheld butane torches with the intention of using them for soldering - the Ronson TechTorch and the EuroTool Max Flame. A few days ago I took out and filled the Ronson with the butane provided with the torch; however, the igniter would not light the flame unless I manually held a match to it. I managed to solder a grand total of two rings with it before the flame went out again and could not be relit, no matter how much butane I tried to fill it with, how many times I checked the settings, or how many matches I used. So I put the last of the butane into the EuroTool. Tried to ignite that one, and it would not light either. Has anyone else used either of these torches before and could tell me what I’m doing wrong? Is there a brand that actually works, or should I just chuck it and stick with butted rings for the rest of my life?
  2. OriCat

    Sterling Silver

    In my experience, sterling does have a fairly unfavourable weight-to-strength ratio, especially when it comes to making things that are going to have to support any traction. If you solder them they probably won't come totally apart, but the upper portion probably would deform, especially at ARs high enough to do HP 3-in-1 with. If she's also going to be moving around in it, that will pull on the straps/sleeves as well. Further consideration: silver is very dense, so that shirt is going to be pretty heavy to wear regardless. Even steel will be lighter. And it tarnishes very easily, so it'll need frequent polishings and could mark whatever is being worn underneath. For shirt purposes, I really would recommend sticking with aluminum (the bright silver AA is very close to silver-coloured).
  3. OriCat

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Do we know when the tiny bronze will be back? Thanks!
  4. OriCat

    Scalemail Sleeves on Euro 4-1 Hauberk

    From what I've seen, lots of people put mail in the elbows as well.
  5. OriCat


    If you want them on top of one another, go here: If you want them in line, go here:
  6. OriCat

    New to Scale Mail

    'Fraid scales don't have a one-open-one-closed method like rings do - you do have to add them individually. I haven't backed any of my scale projects, but I know most people on here attach their mail to backings by sewing it along the edges with cord or thong. Or you could just sew the scales directly onto the leather and cut out the middleman, if that's still acceptable for your LARP.
  7. OriCat

    Are double scales possible?

    Neat. How's it laying?
  8. OriCat

    Newbie need help :)

    I haven't found split rings to be easier at all, particularly for a newbie. But if you use stainless rings with aluminum scales, the weight shouldn't pull them apart, I wouldn't think. (And get machine cut.)
  9. OriCat

    Are double scales possible?

    Depends on the size ratio, but you're right, a small on a large might be almost hidden. A small+medium or medium+large combo would be more visible.
  10. OriCat

    Are double scales possible?

    For starters, it would be a fair bit heavier than just using a single layer of scales, and you don't get any better coverage. It's been discussed before, but the main issue is that the different sized scales also have different sized holes, so for your mail to hang, you would have to widen the hole in the smaller scale until it is the same size as the hole in the larger one. Impossible if you don't have a way to mill the holes out larger, time-consuming even if you do. It is workable, if you really really wanted, but if you just want the two-tone look I would suggest alternating scales of the same size. Is this going to be your first project?
  11. OriCat

    Feanorian Star

  12. So my tumbler doesn't seem to work that well when it comes to cleaning my tarnished copper. I am going to dunk it in vinegar instead, but some of my pieces are already made and contain crystals with metallic coatings. Will the vinegar eat away at the coatings? (On a related note, can I put vinegar or lemon juice in my tumbler to clean and polish at once, or is that bad for the steel shot and the rubber barrel?)
  13. OriCat

    Skirt Hip Fitting

    Thanks! Paladin, your method sounds closest to what I was going for.
  14. OriCat

    Skirt Hip Fitting

    Ugh. Still working on a scale mail skirt, but, being a person in possession of hips, I can't figure out a way to make the skirt wrap all the way around my hips while not buckling painfully up at the waist. Would overlapping it at the side like a kilt work, or just look stupid? If I can't make that work, I would probably try to lace it at the side instead, but it still needs to fit for that. I don't really sew, so, if I take my waist and hip measurements, could I make a pattern from that?
  15. OriCat

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Is the Knipex warranty still valid if you buy the tools through TRL rather than through the company itself?