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  1. RedSkin12B

    Good old Colorado.

    I live in the springs and have wondered about this as well. I mostly make wallet chains for bikers here but have made a few bracelets too. I am still on the fence about trying to sell to shops or anything. Would be nice to meet up with like minded folks. Brad
  2. RedSkin12B

    Wallet Chain

    Well its 4 rows total so I will call it round mail. And Thank You... I'm looking to make some matching vest extender. I'll see about putting up some pics of them when I get them finished. Brad
  3. RedSkin12B

    Wallet Chain

    Well I decided to try and make a wallet chain. This is nothing fancy Stats TRL Stainless Steel 16g 1/4 ID E 4-1 Thanks for looking Brad
  4. RedSkin12B

    Where there's a will....

    Oh Wow I'm really suck'n..... 4745 days left... for me... Army too here. Well Done on the Inlay!! Brad SSG West Combat Engineer
  5. RedSkin12B

    Chain Shirt- in progress

    Well I made the chest area a bit bigger so that I could fit a Gam under it. The Side shot is a Dart that I put in to make it a little more snug around the waist hips...thanks for the comments!! Brad
  6. RedSkin12B

    Chain Shirt- in progress

    Well I have finished this project.....And after the journey I realize its VERY Heavy....its one of those things looking back in retro spect I should have gone a different path. Just once I had put so much time into it I wanted to see it to the end. My best guess..its almost 100lbs..LoL... Brad
  7. RedSkin12B

    Sinching up the neck?

    I would use constriction rings...in varies places around the neck to tighten it up or you could do an HP trim...around the opening... Brad
  8. RedSkin12B

    Sterling Silver JPL

    Well I know you have decided on a size....but here is what I did with Sterling Silver and JPL, I made a bracelet and some earings... the chain has a really delicate look and I think that it would work well in your application. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=35107 After a quick mearsure witha tape I got about 3 rings to the Centimeter or bout 10 rings to the Inch. All the details are on the other thread. Brad
  9. RedSkin12B

    My First Attempt at Jewerly

    Thank you all for your complements. Brad
  10. RedSkin12B

    My First Attempt at Jewerly

    My wife liked this weave and asked me to make her something with it. So I decided to make her a bracelet and some matching earrings. Stats: JPL Sterling Silver 16ga 3/16ID I had some rings left over so I made my Daughter a set of earrings too. Stats: E4-1 Bias Sterling Silver 16ga 3/16ID I know these are some pretty trite examples but I won't to post some pics here anyways Brad
  11. RedSkin12B

    Fun picture

    The Color Job on the Photo is Very Impressive....well done.