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  1. AsidiIceMyst

    My new baby boy :)

    Thank you everyone I am so proud of him! I can't take him anywhere without getting stopped constantly by someone telling me how beautiful he is He's already a lady killer! He flirts with everyone! I'm afraid of high school lol!
  2. AsidiIceMyst

    North Texas Gathering...

    OMG! I haven't told you guys yet! Cody is 11 weeks old today!! He is AWESOME! (and I lost all my pregnancy weight already so I'm pretty darn skippy myself LOL) I'll try to remember to hook y'all up with some pictures tomorrow! (There's one on my profile page for now though) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  3. AsidiIceMyst

    North Texas Gathering...

    Ugh. I need to check in here more often. I keep missing these things.
  4. AsidiIceMyst

    The End & Beginning Is Near

    Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into???? *grin* I had a check up yesterday and they took my blood pressure when I first got there and it was SKY HIGH, so they thought I might have preclampsia. The baby is again measuring way too big so once again the doctor has moved my due date forward. They ALMOST sent me to the hospital to deliver yesterday because of my blood pressure, but they decided to take it 2 more times at the end of my visit and it was only a tiny bit high, so they figured it was a machine glitch the first time. I have a sonogram next Wednesday and depending on that and my lab results we'll see how soon we'll be delivering. The doc has pretty much told me with no doubt that the kid is coming early, it's just a matter of how early now. My mom is flying in from NY on the 7th of June, but she may need to see about changing her flight to an early date!
  5. I wanna go to Scarby, but I'll be 7 months preggo by then and I already feel like a beached whale!!!! I like to go to the Faire for my B-day though, so I'm hoping to make it there the weekend of the 11th or 18th. (PLEASE let one of those weekends be nice and cool!)
  6. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    Thanks everyone for all the cool pictures!!!! LAST MINUTE UPDATE..... I just got word this morning that the pictures need to be turned in by this evening so that our student can work on her poster board tomorrow. SO.... If you have any more pictures to get to me, I'm going to need them by around 2:00 PM CST today (Monday, March 9th), so that I have time to get them all to my friend by this evening. I'll be leaving later this afternoon so I won't be able to send anything much after that time. Thank you all SO MUCH for your participation You guys got some great pictures! (And I have a lot more that have been emailed to me directly that aren't here on the forum) She's gonna have an awesome project :wine::wine::wine:
  7. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    Donna thanks for the pictures Very cool! Sleeper & PaganPaul, don't worry about it, there's still time if you are able to get pictures, but if not... no worries. I've been amazed at the amount of pictures I've received so far so you by no means will affect the project negatively if you're unable to get any sent. y'all are awesome Oh yeah.... sorry I haven't been around to respond for a few days... I hurt my wrist last week and my doctor banned me from the computer (and chainmaille) for a while
  8. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    Got the file... love the pictures!! I think I'm gonna send that series to my Dad, he loves that stuff
  9. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    local significance is fine, just as long as you say what it is in the picture, or in a note with the picture. If it had to be really significant I'd imagine most of the kids wouldn't be able to get anything. A lot of people don't live near anything "spectacular". Another thing they're looking for is fun activities. My friend that's doing the project with their kid got a friend to take a picture of Flat Stanley in the cockpit of an airplane. If you want to do it, send me your email address so I can send you the image file. You'll have to print and cut him out to take with you.
  10. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    Oh Yeah... Gaanon... I got yours too, but I got an error back saying it's been delayed and it's gonna keep trying to send for 2 more days.... Let me know if it ever works!
  11. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    Yeah, RoseThorn, I got it. Working on that right now. I tried to get it before but my battery died so I had to wait for recharge. =/ I love the country but dang it I want my DSL/cable internet back!!!
  12. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    OMG I love the webpage!! That's too cool! I'm sending the link to my friend. Thanks!!! Great pictures!!
  13. AsidiIceMyst

    Dallas Febuuary Gathering

    ditto. I haven't been to a gather in a while
  14. AsidiIceMyst

    2nd grade school project: not maille related

    I don't think photoshopped pictures are allowed. I guess it's kinda like cheating? Anyways, the more pictures the better, even if you think the place might be boring, ya never know. If you feel like doing it, send me your email address so I can send the file to print out. I'm going to send all the pictures back to my friend and he'll pick the ones they want to use with the kiddo. An ambulance ride sounds cool.
  15. Hey everyone!!! Okay, so it's not for my kid, but I'm practicing for when my little boy will be in school... So help me out!!!! My friends 2nd grader is doing a project where they have to get pictures of a character, Flat Stanley, in different locations. So.... he asked me if I could possible get some pictures of Flat Stanley at Niagara Falls since my family is there. I decided to expand the request to see how many other pictures I could get for the project. So.... if you live somewhere near a cool landmark, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, The Alamo, Statue of Liberty, Vegas, the ocean, the Outback, the Pyramids, Easter Island... etc., etc.... and have the ability to get a photograph taken within the next 2 weeks I would really appreciate your assistance. If you have a friend or relative that might be able to help that would be awesome! If you have a really cool job (fireman, police man, military, pilot, etc..) that you could take a picture of Flat Stanley "doing", that would be great too! Going on vacation? Going to the races? the medieval faire? Take Flat Stanley!! If you'd like to participate this is what you need to do: Send me a message with your email address, so I can send you the picture of Flat Stanley. Download the picture and print it. Cut him out and stick him on some cardboard or something sturdy so he doesn't flop around on you. Take him sightseeing and get some pictures! Email the pictures back to me within 2 weeks (the sooner the better). If you feel like it, ask your friends/family for pictures, too! ****REMEMBER... This is for a 2nd grader, so no adult themed pictures please.**** I don't know if there is going to be a prize for the kid with the most pictures, or if this is just a fun way for the kids to learn about different places around the world. Either way, I thought it would be cool to help out Thanks!!