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  1. Anyone have any input for me???

    I am new to the selling aspect of chainmail jewelry and I want to know what system I should be using to keep track of my finished pieces? Right now, my jewelry is being sold on consignment at my friend's coffee shop... small shop.

    Bead Manager Pro looks awesome and I plan to get it some day but I am wondering if it is more than I need at this point in time... Could I get away with using some sort of spreadsheet?? If so, does anyone have a sample that I could look at (as I have no idea what kind of info I need to record!)??


  2. How about this thread?


    I read through that thread already... I guess I just want some advice in what I should be using for my situation right now...

    I got a 10-day trial of Bead Manager Pro and it seems like a really great program but I am just wondering if it is maybe too complicated for my needs right now...

    Anyone have a spreadsheet I could look at?

  3. Hello everyone! I am looking for a solution to keeping a record of my finished jewelry pieces. First of all, I am running on a Mac. Also, I'm (currently) making pieces to sell at my friend's coffee shop. I need a way of keeping track of the items that I give to her and so on.

    I don't know if I need a full program at this point (mostly because of the cost :s) or if I could get away with using the excel spreadsheet method.

    Also, if you have any examples of spreadsheets that I could see (or if you wanna share! :D) that would be great!