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  1. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    First there is no "charging" between soldering. I have soldered ring after ring with no delay. These are rings that are already closed and ready to solder. Second I do not have a Hot Spot I or Hot Spot II so you are not comparing the same models. I have soldered 18-22 gauge using my Hot Spot. It is not hard to be consistent between welds and I have never needed to "fiddle" with the controls when working on a piece. I set it according to the gauge and solder away. I will send this to Rio Grande so they can see how their product (which is not the product you put in your post) is being misrepresented. Hopefully a rep will be able to join and respond to the more technical aspects of this wonderful machine.
  2. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    My Hot Spot looks nothing like those. This is the one I have:
  3. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    I was told by Rio Grande that you can use solder paste but it is messy. I have never tried it as I have always used solder filled rings as it is so easy to use.
  4. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    Back at ya
  5. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    Thanks! Egan is my sweetheart! He is such a ham for the camera.
  6. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    Thanks! I am hoping to be able to do this again one day. My passions have just taken me in a different direction and one that can fit better into my busy schedule. Maybe I can still make you drool with my photography ;o)
  7. reneethomas

    Lampwork beads

    I also have a huge collection of lampwork beads that I will be selling. Here are some of pictures of some of lampwork I have: I never purchased cheap beads so any shipment that goes outside of the US must be sent via UPS as I cannot afford to replace money for any parcels that get lost in the mail. That usually does not happen but it is a chance I cannot afford to take. I will start taking pictures of the full sets tomorrow and upload pictures with prices. If you see any here that you like let me know and I will take those pictures first. In my more expensive sets if you want to buy just a few beads let me know as I will be willing to split up the set.
  8. reneethomas

    Rio Grande Hot Spot

    Would anyone be interested in buying a used Rio Grande Hot Spot in excellent condition. I just cannot find the time to do chainmail anymore with homeschooling and photography. Please let me know if you are interested and I will post more information along with price. Just trying to get a feel if anyone would be interested.
  9. reneethomas

    An Intense Non violent Video Game?

    The biggest question I have is what age kids are you testing on? Renee
  10. reneethomas

    Artemis necklace

  11. reneethomas

    Not a good start to my day!

    This morning I witnessed a residential burglary and did not think to grab my camera to take pictures of the vehicle. I was outside having a cig and when I picked up the phone to call 911 the driver blew the horn and the final 2 came running from around the back. They then took off. Well starting out the day the way I did I did something really embarrassing. I quickly got the boys dressed to go to the office. I put my jacket on and left the house. I get to the office take off my jacket to notice I forgot my bra! Of course my husband is excited at this and I am in a panic trying to get back to the house to get my bra. I cannot believe this is how my day started out! Renee
  12. reneethomas

    Simple confusion.

    Wow that makes me sick! It hurts all of us! When someone gets ripped off like that by an artist we all suffer! Seriously I would call the police and see if they can do something. Surely they can check to see if he has a vendors license or something.
  13. reneethomas

    Still busy

    I hope you are still planning to stop by my neck of the woods! It is great hearing from you. I was starting to wonder what became of you! Renee
  14. reneethomas

    New ring

    Beautiful job. I still have yet to try that weave. Renee
  15. reneethomas

    January in Michigan

    Very nice work and great job taking advantage of Mother Nature's treasures! I love that last necklace!!! It would be really nice to see that modeled!