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    Quebec Nordiques Hockey Jersey

    It looks great. How long did that take to make?
  2. Due to the way the scales are cut, there is always a burr, no matter how big or small, the edge is never 100% smooth (Anodise Aluminium). What ive found is that due to this issue, once you start assembling a piece of scale maille and moving it around, the edges will scratch the other scales if they have been layered on top of each other as most pieces are. It just depends how noticable it is due to the sharpness/roughness of the edge and how much you move it around. Large pieces ive made have usually had tiny tiny scratches, which seem to disappear if i rub with my fingers (black scales). Other colours are harder to notice. Ive only had 1 batch of scales which i consider annoying as they must of been cut out nearing the end of the blades life, so the edgea were a bit rougher, but nothing that i couldnt deal with, as i state below. A way of reducing damage to the underlying scales is to smooth/file down the edges. This will extend the time until scrathes appear visible. A couple of seconds on each scale will make it quite smooth to the touch. But with wear and movement, sooner or later, evidence of the rubbing of the scales will show up. Just like any other metal surface.
  3. tbdia1

    Tronex pliers rusting?

    Thanks for the advice. It just freaked me out a bit as they werent cheap to get and i like maintaining my tools. I play a little with jewlery but i mostly like scales. Still have a dream of finishing my small scale cape lol. Stainless steel mostly, playing with aluminium for fun now also.
  4. tbdia1

    Tronex pliers rusting?

    Just got a couple of the tronex pliers a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have what looks like some rust appearing on the metal parts. I havent used them for a week and have just noticed this. I dont have any images yet but will put some up later today. Im just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to their tronex pliers.
  5. tbdia1

    Rings for scale maille

    I recently tried on a large scale maille shirt from a great mailler, which used aluminium rings instead of S.S. and even though it felt like it had some weight to it, none of the aluminium rings had come undone since it was created. Now supposing i wanted to eliminate weight and still maintain some strength, without welding, could i use S.S. rings with same diametre but thinner guage? Has anyone ever done a strength guide on different rings and or materials and how much weight each ring or a weave can handle before the top row ring starts to open and or give out. I might even think about doing the top 1/3 of my scale maille with S.S. rings and then slowly transition to a thinner wire and then mix and transition to aluminium towards the bottom of my cape. All up it will be approx 6 feet in height and using small A.A. scales. Any advice on reducing weight is welcomed but do remember im not welding or using split rings for this project.
  6. tbdia1

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Hi, any further updates on the KX-TR745?
  7. tbdia1

    Aquaman small scale shirt/hauberk

    Damn nice tutorial Reformed. Thanks for putting it up.
  8. tbdia1

    14 Gauge Stainless 1/4" ID European 4 in 1

    Wow, with an AR of 3.2 i would imagine that there would be just enough room to fit the 4 into the 1 ring but no extra space for the flex. What about mixing it up with your other rings. Use the bigger rings as the 1 and the smaller (3.2) as the 4. This will also help with the opening and closing of the rings, as you could just close the small gap on the 3.2 rings while opening and closing the 4.9 rings.
  9. Just wanted to know if anyone knows of a maille comunity or group within Australia.
  10. tbdia1

    where to get Netted gloves for Scale Bracer

    Konstantine, thanks for that little history lesson about "glove of fence". I did not know that they used a glove as defense. Calisandra, your suggeating using Half Persion to reinforce the sides? How and where would you place this along the sides? Would you weave the HP seperately and then attach it to the underside of the scales/rings weave?
  11. tbdia1

    where to get Netted gloves for Scale Bracer

    Calisandra, that was exactly what i was talking about. I'll search around for those. My bracers are full forearm small scales and i wanted something that would hold the weight. Do you think that they would be stong enough for my bracers - so if the photo you posted with the large scales, if you had x4 the weight, do you think they would hold?
  12. tbdia1

    where to get Netted gloves for Scale Bracer

    Harthag, thats exactly what i was talking abount. What are those gloves called? And where could i find them, please? To all the other replies, it gave me ideas on what id actually like to use for gloves in a full suit.
  13. Ive seen a few designs around where they have attached the braces to some king of netted or mesh gloves but when i try to look online, i seem to only find weight liffting gloves with tiny microfiber weave for the mesh or they have wrist straps. I just need 1 set for my bracers but not looking to pay much as it is just for attaching the bracer until i figure out how to do a glove properly. Can anyone advise on where i can get some of these netted gloves please and if possible, best way to attach scales to it? Put the bracer onto it or weave it into the glove while making it.
  14. tbdia1

    Need advice on picking what metal to use

    Hi Alex. It would depend on different things, like what you intend to make, size and weight, etc. I use stainless and when weaving, i only open up the rings a small amount, just enough to weave it, saves using extra force. Also keep in mind, depending on the weave, you dont have to open all rings. With 4 in 1, i close 4 rings properlu and open 1 ring to thread throuh the other 4, and make small grounps of 5 rings. Then i link the groups up. This way, im not opening up so many rings.
  15. tbdia1

    Small scales sharp edges/burs help

    Thanks for the advice. I havent ordered any other scales, just small, but large scales are on my list for next order, so i will def be looking to geeting something like what you suggested.