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  1. EHeM

    Scale Pitch

    The standard scale weave amounts to the Asian 4-in-1; which amounts to a diamond pattern. The problem is if you hold a piece by side edges it will readily stretch horizontally and shrink vertically, and vice versa. Since it is parallel with the "lines" it won't stretch at all along the diagonal. This has problems since if you want to display a piece you can't merely hold the top corners, you have to support the entire top edge (otherwise the top-center limps down). The mentions of the "extra ring" suddenly made me realize it is an excellent way to control the stretching. As that converts the weave to E4-in-1 which doesn't stretch vertically or horizontally. One crucial point, you don't need to include the "extra ring" everywhere; you only need it along the top edge. Including them on the top edge takes care of supportting the rest of the piece at which point you're done. Now the only question is what pitch do I get once the extra rings are on? And then there are the alternative extra ring choices...
  2. EHeM

    Scale Pitch

    So, you recommed against using SPLITSCALE2H for small scales? This is why some people hate stretch fabric, you need the right force in the right spots to get it to behave the way you want it to. Hmm, this seems to argue in favor of using extra rings to turn it into European 4-in-1. Only instead of the purpose of reenforcement (yes, I've seen the statements about not being worried, but I still am; small steel ring against soft Al makes me worry about tearing the scale), the purpose being to get it to behave correctly. Odd part about this is it leaves the "stretchy" direction being vertical where it isn't needed, instead of horizontal where it often is needed.
  3. EHeM

    Scale Pitch

    Good point. In my case I'm using split rings. Due to looking under better lighting, I'll also revise my estimate. Closer to 9 1/8 horizontal by 7 3/8 vertically for 16x16. Placing the number closer to 1096 small scales per square foot. Actually the thing I would expect most people to be interested in is the size ratio (wider, but shorter). The exact numbers don't really matter here, looks like my optimistic hope is well outside of my grasp, but my pessimistic estimate has so much slack it will take far more than this to cause problems. On the flip side this is pushing my estimate above the 40lb mark for the finished piece. Sigh, more work and weight (though hopefully both I and this project lose some).
  4. EHeM

    Scale Pitch

    Anyone collected information on how many scales/inch (or other linear measure) you get? tRL has information on scales per square foot, but seeing how it appears the scales form a rhomboid grid, rather than a pure square grid, this issue suddenly becomes a major issue... Currently, with the largest fully square piece I've got the measurements are: 9.25" from side to side, 7.5" top to bottom. This is measured from centers of the holes on the appropriate edges. This is 16 full rows, 16 full columns (depending on your preferences, you might well count it as 32 rows/columns; but I think those better to think of as half-rows/columns). This results in an estimate of 1062.8 (small) scales per square foot, which jibes with the Ring Lord's number of 1000/sqft. My concern at this point is that as pieces get longer, the additional weight might cause it to stretch downwards, while contracting vertically. Anyone got measurements for pieces larger than 544 scales?
  5. EHeM

    Faster Packing and Labelled Bags

    Speaking as a someone who writes programs for a living (maile is an interest, not what I do for a living, despite large projects). The conventional solution is to simply handle everything as integers behind the scenes. Have something sold by the 0.1lb? When a number is typed in, divide by the selling unit (0.1) and store the resulting integer (1). Then, when you display it, you multiply by the selling unit (0.1) and display the result (0.1lb). The other fun thing you can do with this is have multiple conversions stored behind the scenes. Someone wants to purchase by the square meter? Simply use the appropriate conversion factor. You could also do things like, enter the size of maile you want and display how much various rings sizes would be needed (plus cost, weight, etc). The only complexity is how you handle conversion to/from integers. Most likely, you would want to round up quantities entered by a person, while during display you would want to round down (truncate to some number of decimal places). Personally, I can handle most of the conversions in my head (gee, funny how someone who works with numbers a lot can deal with them in his/her head), so changing to ordering by the bag doesn't make much difference, except for being surprised that things change. Again, personally I prefer to keep JavaScript off, (ugh, nearly every recent browser security hole can be avoided by turning it off), so I guess I'm a little against that change though I'm pretty sure I'm the minority here.
  6. I might be the oddball for planning so far ahead, but Worldcon 67/Anticipation is happening near the start of August. While not focused on maile or medievil, there is generally a fair number of people who handle such at science-fiction conventions. Occuring in Montreal this year, so not /all/ that far from tRL. I'll be bringing the pattern example for my project. Since I don't do this as a job, it will likely take 1-2 years (or longer, ugh) before it is done. Should though make a distinct impression.
  7. EHeM

    Scale questions

    Uh, not really. With some combinations the rings will make up less of the weight, but with the split rings they average around one-third of the weight. Small Al scales, the split rings come pretty near half of the total weight. The small brass scales, the rings are merely a little over one-fifth of the total. Even though the rings weights seem low, remember you have to multiply them by 2 when calculating the weight (since you need double the number). Get the pliers if you do go for split rings, they're easily worth it.
  8. EHeM

    Trying to find "white" rings

    Titanium oxide doesn't work as a dye for this? About the whitest stuff out there. More feasibly, is it possible to anodize aluminum without introducing any dye and therefore getting a hard surface that doesn't rub off? (at least get rid of black hands)
  9. EHeM

    Small Anodized Aluminum Scales

    Cool. Hmm, now just have to finish my test pieces and wait for certain information from others... I'm a bit surprised by the large quantity of pale gold. Those pre-anodized and you got the material cheap as surplus? Actually, I'm more surprised by the small quantities of the various colors (except bronze and pale gold). Which leads me to ask, is there a possibility of getting custom colors if a sufficient quantity is ordered? What kind of quantites would be required? What would be the turnaround time for such an order?
  10. Uh, last I had heard you were expecting new stock in September? I see a couple new colors, but aside from bronze (the picture looks more like gold) and pale gold, there doesn't appear to be any new scales in. It would be nice to at least have the primary colors... Also, any idea of when prices will stabilize? I'm guessing they're mostly due to you refining your process, as I have a hard time believing the material varies that much?
  11. EHeM

    Internet providers?

    Take a look at DSL Reports. I generally operate on the principle of NEVER using the physical link providers as my ISP. Those are always huge conglomerates with poor service and bad access. The old standby was that all small ISPs tend to merge into larger and larger ISPs, and service goes down the drain. Got for a local ISP, you might pay a bit extra, but it will be worth it!
  12. EHeM


    I'd heard through that supposedly there were folks in my general area doing electroplating of stainless steel rings, and getting colors that way. I kind of like the idea, have you looked into electroplating? (cheaper to anodize aluminum?)
  13. No word on scales? I have noticed that they're listed for September, so I'll be waiting. Orange, turquoise, violet, and dark purple are not listed for September. They didn't sell enough to justify continuing with them? I'd been figuring that pink was a lost cause, but these other four are as well?
  14. EHeM


    Perhaps the BBC could use it for part of the next Doctor's attire.
  15. Actually, their first problem is going to be the split rings. If they haven't already, they need to order them ASAP. Perhaps my idea of a medium sized project is demented, but I'd trivially wipe out their remaining stock with even an intermediate sized order. Sigh, still waiting on new quantities of the anodized scales...