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  1. darkhematite

    The 'nerd' factor

    As a biker and active in my biker community. I just pull out my weaving bag whenever I feel like doing some work. Some folks appreciate the art, some don't. I am really new to the art, but already made sales that way.
  2. darkhematite

    ScaleMail bra instructable measurements

    Hmm, I didn't know there was a adult section. Seems I need to get my count up before it will let me see it.
  3. darkhematite

    Something's not right

    Good to know. I'm new here, and need to get my count up as well.
  4. darkhematite

    other hobbies

    Personally, I wrench on motorcycles. I'm a patched member of BACA. (More of a non paying job than hobbie) I like to camp and hike, river floating, etc...
  5. darkhematite

    What's in a name?

    Years ago, I was looking for a yahoo e-mail address. I had a piece of hematite in my hand, that was already taken, so I added the dark in front of it. Haven't had a need to change it yet.
  6. darkhematite

    New User Thread

    Brand new to chain mail, and crafts in general. I seem to like to make small projects at the moment, things that are easily finished. I hope to be launching a larger project soon.