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  1. forystt

    Random rings in Mixed bag?

    I do believe you got exactly what you were supposed to. I've ordered a few mixed bags and in some you get a lot of a few colors and a small amount of other colors and sometimes you get almost an even amount of the different colors. I mean i certainly wouldn't want them to have someone counting the individual colors to make sure that there was an even amount in each bag, that would make things more expensive and be a huge waist of man(or woman) power.
  2. forystt

    First Time Chainmail/Scalemail Clothing Questions

    I personally prefer S.S. over any other material (well besides titanium but that stuffs too expensive to have and use in large quantities when making jewelry). It really comes down to personal preference S.S. is a lot heavier than B.A. so if its something that you will be wearing all day that's something to consider. If you are only making pauldrons and not a full vest/shirt I dont think that it would be enough weight even with S.S. to bother most people. Also remember that if its B.A. you have to make sure that you are wearing clothing over where ever the maille is coming into contact with you. the "rub off" from B.A. isn't deadly but its definitely not good for your skin. If you are concerned about the weight i would say to go with the bright silver A.A. rings to you dont have to worry about rub off. As for the color i think black and gold look better than green and gold but again its all about personal preference if you are going to be the one wearing this. Make sure that you are going to love it for all the time you put into it. As for scales I've never made just pauldrons but I think the small or medium would work best and definitely small for the bracers.
  3. forystt

    Looking to get good cuts on 26-19ga wire

    Ive never owned a pair of Knipex pliers to compare to. But i use Kobalt's 7in. end cutting pliers with a hardend cutting edge to cut various ID's of 20g(AWG)1/4 hard 304 Stainless Steel. They make make a flush enough cut to where I can still weld the rings with no problems or distorted look to the rings. Thats the highest gauge i use though because once I hit 18g(SWG) they pinch too much and dont weld very well. but i dont use any 19g wire so i dont know it they would still work for that. i just know i have to saw cut my 18g and 16g rings. Those cutters also have a lifetime warranty so if you break to ends of the cutters(which i have after a few thousand cuts) its easy to get them exchanges at any Lowes store. Hope this helps, if you want images of the cuts they make just let me know and ill take some. also i find the way the blade is positioned makes it easier to cut rings without looking at the coil so you can cut while watching TV or paying attention to something else. http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?partNumber=464615-16878-55757&langId=-1&storeId=10151&productId=50069709&catalogId=10051&cmRelshp=req&rel=nofollow&cId=PDIO1
  4. forystt

    Making jump rings from square Anod. Alum.

    I've never worker with the square wire but I have made 1/4" rings from their normal 16g AA wire. make sure you don't use a drill to wind to wire, hand coil it to help reduce the stress on the wire. also if you are going to be hand cutting the rings you will break off a about a 1/16" on ether side of the cut and if you're saw cutting them and your blade has any wobble you will run into the same issue. That's why i just buy AA rings on the occasion that I need them so I don't have to worry about ruining the AA coating.
  5. There's nothing like that warm feeling of opening a package with high fives from TRL crew inside.
  6. forystt

    UPS Sucks!

    That is the only issue I've have with a UPS shipment from TRL but it was the third package that i had an issue with in a 2 month period. I live in upstate NY and UPS shipped a package in November from Connecticut to California then to Pennsylvania and Ohio then it finally came to NY. Also my gripe with UPS is mostly that they treat their employees like crap. I just hate that large companies that have much larger gross income treat their employees worse than small companies like TRL or Agway when they can easily afford to give their employees certain luxuries like free food for when you're on break and optional health care for part time employees that work just enough not to qualify for free health care. I work part time at kohls to supplement my income and they always have waffles, bread and condiments in their break room for any employee who wants them as well as random other things like cookies and pizza occasionally. I've worked for many different large companies and its the little things like that, that make a difference. Its not as nice as working for small companies like TRL or Agway that have a family atmosphere but its something. When i contact TRL i don't feel like you all take it as a bother and I've even had John respond to some of my emailed questions and i'm more than sure that he has much better things to do running a company than respond to my questions or concerns but he still does because he cares about every customer getting the best and most accurate response not just any response.
  7. forystt

    The Prodigal grandfather returns

    Good Luck!!! and congratulations to your daughter!!! If you need and help or advice I've been making S.S. and A.A. jewelry for over 2 years now and welding jewelry for about 6 months now and would be more than happy to provide any assistance I can.
  8. forystt

    UPS Sucks!

    I had the same problem where my package was in their warehouse for 2 weeks not moving. and the tried to blame customs and trl for it not being cleared even though it was already in the united states and their scans said that it had already cleared. and to answer you question i think its the dollar value of your order because it seems whenever i have an order over $200 i have to use ups and checkout. Whats even funnier is that I placed a second order with TRL exactly 2 weeks later and was able to use usps and i was able to pick that package up the same day as the order that shipped threw ups over 2 weeks ago. now this just proves it has nothing to do with TRL and all to do with the incompetence of ups. Jody H. from TRL was very helpful as always i had called UPS over 5 times about why my package had been sitting there for 2 weeks and all the did was blame it on TRL. and when i emailed Jody she got right back to me and then she contacted ups and BAM one hour after she called UPS they started moving my package. MESSAGE to TRL: im not sure what your agreement is with USPS or why you cant ship with them when its over a certain dollar amount but I know that I would be willing to pay more for shipping to be able to always use USPS or even FedEx. P.S. thanks for the snowman on my box. = ] UPS (in my area anyway) refuses to hire anyone full time. So they dont have to provide any insurance for their employees. People are hurting for money and job security and large companies that can afford it like UPS should be trying to help their employees more. Sorry for the rant but have a lot of bottled up rage UPS
  9. forystt

    12342745 10208077684162211 2291532261628138407 N

    A true mailler! Using what ever free time you have to weave. Looks fantastic. Since you made it at work I hope you wear it around to show off your skills to all your fellow co-workers.
  10. forystt

    Sonic Cleaners... opinions?

    Thank you for the speedy reply! I will defiantly invest in a good ultrasonic cleaner. Any recommendations for and acidic cleaner to use for pickling. The only rings I'm currently welding are 304 stainless steel.
  11. forystt

    Sonic Cleaners... opinions?

    Good morning friends! I have a question for anyone who has an ultrasonic cleaner and welds rings. I have been making chainmail jewelry for a long time and have always used rotatory tumblers and a steam cleaner to clean my products. About 6 months ago I started welding a lot of my pieces to make them stronger of a higher quality and so that i could make pieces with much thinner wire and not worry about them being easily pulled apart. But with welding you get scale and blowback on each ring which i am currently using a fine brass wire brush to clean each ring before steam clearing the whole piece. This takes quite a bit of time and i would like to find a faster way to do this so I can spend more time weaving and reduce my prices for welded jewelry. so if anyone knows if an ultrasonic cleaner will work for this or anything else that will remove the scale and blowback without too much time spent by me. Im looking to try and spend $300 or less.