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  1. d j design

    First Jewellery Party Prep

    Business cards Bags and tissue paper for the earrings and fused glass (if they are for sale) Spare globe for the lamps DJ :) And good luck...
  2. d j design

    Fusing silver

    I do very simple fusing, both with fine silver and argentium. For the smaller gauge rings, under 18g I use my brullee torch, over I use the Bernzomatic. I have a brick from a chimney which works beautifully. I'll be saving for a ceramic brick though. I don't use flux for fusing, but I do thrown them into lemon juice, water and salt mix for half an hour. DJ
  3. d j design

    Just to boggle your mind...

    Legba I buy all my wire in the States. Our dollar is in the toilet at .62--.65c depending on the day. However, when it was in the high 90s and silver was through the roof, the price wasn''t any different to now when it is so low. We can't buy Arg or 14/20 gold fill here. For me it is a great selling point. DJ
  4. d j design

    Just to boggle your mind...

    Yes, you read correctly. Argentium fuses like fine silver, balls like fine silver, but is way nicer (harder) to work with. If you bake the finished piece in the hottest kitchen oven for about 15 minutes, it hardens it and releases the germanium for keeping it tarnish resistant. Buy some, then try it. DJ
  5. d j design

    Just to boggle your mind...

    LL I find fine silver sooooo soft, but because Argentium fuses just the same as fine silver, you can harden it easily. DJ
  6. d j design

    How to remove buying obstacles?

    LL I'm at an artist market, not a craft market. The 1000+ that come through the market every week have money to spend and are very very trendy. You know buy clothes to last just one season, wear jewellery that won't last years. I had to rethink very carefully how to make my chain maille fit in. I found necklaces really didn't sell, except to the over 50s. But then, watching the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, there were very few necklaces. I do keep some special chokers on display and I keep a full price list for sterling (my pieces are silver plated) just in case. I began making maille pendants out of the recycled necklaces -- they walked off the stand. I stopped making delicate earrings, and made them a mix of hammered rings and maille -- they walked off the stand. I set up a 'Today's Specials' basket and change what goes into it every week, making everything about 40% off the full price. I pretty much empty it every market. And my birthday is tomorrow, next market is Saturday, so I have a 'Celebrate my birthday and take $5 off all full price pieces' sign. Hey nice to know my marketing experience comes in handy sometimes And my biggest seller? AN mobius earrings in five colours as well as plain silver. I've been at this market since July twice a month, and I am always rethinking my stand. Both display and pieces. I keep a notebook and pen and just make notes on how I can change my pieces, perhaps move this or that to a different spot. I don't have a car and travel with my 6.5kg trolley (14 ish pounds) on the train and tram, so everything has to be portable and fit easily into that trolley. As much as I love those wave bracelet stands, I have to settle for the clip cone bracelet stands that fold flat for travelling. DJ
  7. d j design

    Silver Filled Wire?

    The sterling fill from The Beading Factory is a low end product. Very cheap even though there is 40% sterling content. Approximately US$2.50 per ounce. If there was a product like the 14/20 gold fill, I would definitely be interested, but all in all, argentium is the best yet for me. DJ
  8. d j design

    Copper Earrings

    I bought one of those 'Eze earring thingy's' from TRL and make my own Niobium ear hooks. If you love copper ear hooks, electric salmon is the closest almost matching colour. I just buy 1 oz of 20g in plain, yellow (closest to gold) and go for it. Customers love the alternative. And can I say, those earrings are just DIVINE! DJ
  9. d j design

    Silver Filled Wire?

    The other thing I meant to say was the rings seem to always have burrs. Using my KK I cut annealed dead soft copper that is very sticky and have no burrs, nor any on the argentium or 14/20 gold fill. But the SF is a real @#$% to cut. I just never seemed to get a nice clean cut. Two of us bought this wire in Australia, and both of us had the same problem. DJ
  10. d j design

    Silver Filled Wire?

    Are you sure it is the copper core "bleeding" and not just the normal grey/black tarnish of sterling (which also contains copper)? If this stuff can be hammered and holds up as well as you say then I would assume the silver is thick enough that there is little chance that the tarnish is a result of the core tarnishing and bleeding through the sterling. Trust me on this I use a burnishing powder when tumbling so it does stay nice for a while. The silver fill isn't very thick. I find it probably thinner than my 2 microns of silver plating on my copper. I'm able to plate my cut rings, so the ends are plated too. Loren, in Australia there is no way I could sell argentium (my choice) to customers. The market just doesn't cater. I carry prices at all times of my pieces so if somebody does ask for silver, I can tell them. I wear Argentium only, so they can see what it looks like. My guess is, you would have to try it and see just what it is like. It ISN'T like the 14/20 gold fill though. DJ
  11. d j design

    Mini HP 4-1 in Sterling

    (Still crying) Legba our dollar dropped to .60c against the greenback two days ago, less 2c for bank fees etc and we had to do a Fire Mtn Gems buy :sigh: It has gone up to 65c today, but nothing like the .97c a couple of months ago. All it means for us is the argentium is still the same as it was high or low dollar even with the low silver price. Haven't had to change my prices at all. DJ
  12. d j design

    Silver Filled Wire?

    The Beading Factory in Tacoma sell it. However I'll warn you now (from my own experience) it isn't any good for jump rings. The copper eventually tarnishes and shows through as black. But it is brilliant for wire manipulation, Sharilyn Miller or Connie Fox stuff. It hammers better than anything I've ever seen and tumbles great. But maile and rings alas nope. DJ
  13. d j design

    High priced pliers

    I ONLY use Lindstrom RX for jewellery. I make pieces from 22g up to 12g and don't have a problem. The only wire I use --- copper, argentium, gold fill and anodized niobium. Two years down the track and my flat nose and bent nose pliers are still 'perfect'. I can't imagine using anything else, especially as my hands never ache. Try Fire Mountain Gems or Urbanmaille for them. I'm lucky enough to go in a bulk buy with friends and we always make the 200+ price break, so they work out pretty cheap that way. And just so you know, to buy in USD converted to Aussie dollars, and with the huge postage cost, they have still been the 'most' economical pliers. Even in today's climate. I learned in the beginning that cheap pliers just don't work and my hands ached constantly. DJ
  14. d j design

    Shiny stuff

    Legba what about putting a ghosted name and copyright over part of your photo. It still allows the piece to be seen through the image. Assuming you have photoshop or similar coz you have such a cool camera. DJ
  15. d j design

    So very WORRIED!

    To get the same effect as OTT lites, just buy yourself daylight (white) globes). They are exactly what is in an OTT lite, but way way way way cheaper I replaced all my overhead lights with low energy daylight lights. In Australia we have to phase out all other lights now anyway. I also have a floor lamp with a daylight globe in it over my shoulder, as well as lamps on my desk. Same globes as what I use for my light tent. I can easily see all rings at night, they don't reflect back because of the bad light. good luck DJ