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  1. Ok, so I took some measurements of my current progress and attached them below for review. I've marked how many scales are in each row and how long the rows are in inches. Using this picture as reference, where would I move scales around to try a hexagon neck hole, and how many scales give or take should I try to put in each spot? I'm using the small scales. When I get the chance, I'll upload what the scales actually look like.
  2. Right now, the back of the hauberk is one row shorter than the front, if I wanted to try the hexagon neck hole, do I need to make it the same size before changing the hole from a diamond? Also, when it comes to it, I still need help with expansions and contractions. There was a tutorial posted here a while ago, but it doesn’t explain in detail how to use them. Are there other sources of info avalible?
  3. I'm kind of hesitant to do that, because I want it all to be one piece. Is there a way to fix it without lace? E.x. would adding a row of scales on the chest near the shoulder, while keeping the neck hole the same make it bigger without affecting how the top lays? If not, where should the lace go? In the rings of the scale, or the rings of the chain?
  4. Hey ya'll, so I've been working on and off on a short sleeve v neck hauberk for my Aquaman costume using the Ring Lord small scales. I've been working on and off because I keep hitting snags in my progress, and no one around me knows how to work with scales. I finally found someone who has some experience and who gave me advice, but they're out of town and can't help me at the moment. As it stands, I have part of the top ready to go. I've almost got the shoulders to lay flat like I want them to, but my first snag is that the head hole is just barely big enough for my head to slide through, and that is without closing anything. Attached are some pics if anyone knows how to solve this issue. Right now I have the hauberk designed similar to a v neck t-shirt, with the back row on my neck and the deeper row on my chest. I don't want to put many latches or fasteners in it for appearance sake, but would be willing to do that if it is necessary. I look forward to hearing from y'all with any advice. I also need help with contractions and expansions (I have read the tutorial posted here, I still need help), but one step at a time.
  5. I'm mainly going for sleeves that end at my elbow. My current idea is to spin the vest around, and use the current neck holes as the bottom of the arm hole.
  6. Ok, now that I am on summer break, I can finally dedicate some time to this thing. For the contractions in the standard weave, how many do I do in a given area to make a difference? Also will the cupped form be a good thing to use for the shoulders?
  7. Any pics would be appreciated. Please and thank you. That goes for anyone else as well. I tend to work visually.
  8. Thanks, I was not aware of a second edition. I will take a look at it. Just to clarify however, this link is the second edition, correct? https://www.docdroid.net/bnSDKcU/scaletutorial.pdf.html Also, I was only planing to have the sleeves come to the elbows.
  9. There are no contractions. I primarily followed the beginner scale mail guide from ringlord. I never really understood the purpose of contractions/expansions. That was one of the original goals. To make it like a wide mouth shirt with short sleeves. Would it be better to focus on the sleeve design first, and then modify the vest to attach, or do the vest first?
  10. Primarily the shoulders and sleeves. Currently, the neck hole is just big enough to get my head through, but in order for the chest to lay flat, the shoulders jut out like DBZ shoulder pads. However, if I want the shoulders to lay flat, then the front and back bunch up. I read somewhere about Ragland sleeves, but I haven't been able to find tutorials on how to make them. Are they like triangles with the angles wrapping around the shoulder, and then a vertical line for the sleeves? P.s sorry about the formatting. First time posting.
  11. I'm working on an Aquaman scale mail vest and I keep hitting road blocks. I have tried referencing multiple online tutorials, to no avail. Here is a reddit thread I started a while ago with reference pics. Any advice/help would be appreciated. I'm working on an Aquaman scale mail vest and I keep hitting road blocks. https://www.reddit.com/r/cosplayers/comments/3k0wi2/help_aquaman_scale_vest_pattern_v_2/