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  1. maldar

    Purple Dice Bag Sq Wire Empty And open

    It is the "Gate Style Bag Clasp" found on the Ring Lord site. http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=78&cat=Other+Findings
  2. maldar

    Full Persian Wallet Chain

    Thanks, after only 30 seconds on that site, I knew I would be shopping there.
  3. maldar

    Full Persian Wallet Chain

    Where did you get the hardware? I'm always looking for different styles at good prices.
  4. maldar

    Help with shoulder straps - scalemail vest

    Looks Nice, you should post it in the Gallery.
  5. maldar

    Materials help

    I would add that you need 2 pliers for each person.
  6. maldar

    Newbie looking for help

    Too bad my order shipped yesterday, otherwise I would have added the materials on and done it for you. I'll leave this for someone else. If no one else does take you up on the project contact me and I will see what I can do.
  7. maldar

    Beads in Maille - Help Please

    You can also try using a one step looping plier. They come in 2 sizes, each makes a different size loop. As Iosthelm said, the temper matters.
  8. What is a good amount of scales and rings for said scales to order to start making pieces of armour?

  9. maldar

    Bernice's Light Tent

    I have lack cats and I know the feeling. I now keep it out of their reach. Sorry about your loss.
  10. maldar


    Nice, I suggest using square wire for your next one. I love the square stuff. Try the 18g 3/16".
  11. maldar

    Valkyrie Rider Scalemaille bikini set with spaulders

    Are the Spaulders attached or separate?
  12. I noticed some changes to the site today, or things I didn't notice before. One I have mixed feelings about. Ring specials are now associated with their gauge, meaning that 16g specials are only on the 16g page and the same is true with the other sizes. Thing is, I didn't like it the old way, where all the specials were on every related page and I had to scroll past it all each time to get to the normal items related to the gauge on that page; however I did get use to it. Thanks for that change, I just have to get use to the new way. I don't recall Anodized Bundles having their own page, and I'm happy to see this. Are all the bungles now only saw cut? I swear they were all machine cut before. Don't get me wrong, I have been waiting for saw cut bundles and the only reason I have not bought them in the past was that they were not saw cut, or I never saw these before. Anyways, thanks for the changes with the site. Just placed an order and am happy to see that USPS was available for larger orders now. My last 2 orders of the approximate same amount had to be UPS. I'm only saving $.78 cents USD or so, but, that is still money in my pocket. Thanks again, maldar
  13. maldar

    Matching Ring for purple AA scales?

    If the rings are going to be visible, I would go with what twilightbanana suggested. To save on cost, I would use plain rings for any that will not be visible. Alternatively, black ice looks good with most anything.
  14. maldar

    Scalemaille Bra

    This and take your project with you and the ladies will be more than happy to assist you. Having the project with you will help them advise you with any questions that may arise and allow them to offer other advise.
  15. maldar

    Square Wire

    Is each size requested a $50 min? Just want to plan out a future order.