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  1. The difference in weight and price is small, the main difference is that the painted scales are painted on one side only, while the anodized scales are black on both sides.


    As for tools, if you are assembling the scales with rings, then you only need two good pliers (like KX200-MOD)

    I would add that you need 2 pliers for each person.

  2. I noticed some changes to the site today, or things I didn't notice before.


    One I have mixed feelings about.  Ring specials are now associated with their gauge, meaning that 16g specials are only on the 16g page and the same is true with the other sizes.  Thing is, I didn't like it the old way, where all the specials were on every related page and I had to scroll past it all each time to get to the normal items related to the gauge on that page; however I did get use to it.  Thanks for that change, I just have to get use to the new way.


    I don't recall Anodized Bundles having their own page, and I'm happy to see this.  Are all the bungles now only saw cut?  I swear they were all machine cut before.  Don't get me wrong, I have been waiting for saw cut bundles and the only reason I have not bought them in the past was that they were not saw cut, or I never saw these before.


    Anyways, thanks for the changes with the site.  Just placed an order and am happy to see that USPS was available for larger orders now.  My last 2 orders of the approximate same amount had to be UPS.  I'm only saving $.78 cents USD or so, but, that is still money in my pocket.


    Thanks again,



  3. Just go to your local fabric store and buy some inserts for swim suits, like the kind they put in triangle bikinis. They can be secured with a few stitches or you can develop a more permanent rigging system.

    This and take your project with you and the ladies will be more than happy to assist you.  Having the project with you will help them advise you with any questions that may arise and allow them to offer other advise.

  4. What I am referring to is W-JSAA16silver. Where do I locate the 18 gauge wire? When I go to the "wire" link I only see 16gauge square and the 16gauge round. Am I looking in the wrong spot?


    You might have to custom order what you need.  I don't think they normally carry it; I just check the wire section.