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    Liquidating Supply

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to liquidate my supply of ring and jewelry. If any of this seems way overpriced or you want a deal by purchasing a good majority of what is here, just PM me and I am sure we can figure something out. I will be sending these items in priority mail flat rate boxes so the actual cost will be $12.65 or $17.90 depending how much you purchase. If you would prefer another form of shipping I can do that (Priority mail is easier). I calculated the cost per rings based off of TheRingLord price with a 30% discount and rounded down to the nearest quarter. The rings are all estimates based off of weights. I figured out how many rings were equal to a gram and multiplied it by the total weight. Here is a Google docs link to the list of what I have and their respected prices. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JlDwXOvgB7u3jf7jCw4JXF9tFThqVS2A0BVEHs7T4eY/edit?usp=sharing Here is a link to some pictures of the jewelry. These are older pictures and are not the same colors. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f5OVDLceKmq5gXZpdHaTU0L65-ucusNFHhYYdiT1xYM/edit?usp=sharing Let me know if you have any questions. Josh