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  1. Barkly

    Newbie Anodizer

    Thank you. That was a big help. The one question I wasn't sure about was should the Niobium be cleaned first? If yes, what is the best method.
  2. Barkly

    Newbie Anodizer

    Just started playing with my new brand new anodizer and was looking for a little advice. Has anyone made a created a chart for voltage/colour? I'm only working with Niobium right now. I'm just looking for something to start with and will tweak on my own.
  3. Barkly

    Rider Jersey

    I know what you mean. I didn't wear my Riders chainmail jersey to the game last Thursday for that exact reason. If the forecast is good for the 5th I'll be wearing mine.
  4. Barkly

    Chainmail Riders Jersey

    The jersey is complete. And I was lucky enough to meet the person whose number I used. That's one item off my bucket list.
  5. Barkly

    Rider Jersey

    Wow. Glad to see there is another crazy Rider's fan out there. Is this getting worn to a game this year?
  6. Barkly

    Riders jersey front

    Im guessing that I will use 75,000 by the time Im done. Ive use around 60,000 so far.
  7. Barkly

    Riders jersey front

    Thanks your Majesty. I'm guessing that I have around 300 hours into it. Maybe a bit more.
  8. Barkly

    Riders jersey front

    18 by 5/32
  9. Barkly

    Riders jersey front

  10. Barkly

    Riders jersey back

  11. Barkly

    Riders jersey front

    The project is still moving forward although a bit slower then I would like. I estimate I'm about 70% complete.
  12. Barkly

    Tie #3

    This is the third tie I've made. I made this one for my Son-in-law. I took this picture just a few minutes before he became my Son-in-law.
  13. Barkly


    Cool. Is it set up so you can add new glow sticks to the bracelet?
  14. Barkly

    Chainmail Tie

    Thanks everyone. Gladly admitt to the charge of being a lunatic. That's my second tie. I made my first one for my son's grad two years ago. And I am just puting the finishing touches on number 3 (for my soon to be son-in-law). There was a point in time that Dragonscale was my favorite pattern. Not sure of the ring count. It's some where between 3500 and 4000. Time to complete is between 45 and 50 hours. The rings are #20-3/16 Stainless and #20-1/8 AA.
  15. Barkly

    Chainmail Tie

    One of my most recent projects. I'm working on another tie for my daughters wedding. I'll post a picture of that when it's complete.