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  1. I can't find your silvered enemaled copper in 7/64? Is it out of stock?
  2. Would 3/16 and 1/8 enameled copper work for helms flowers? See the attached photo. I wanna make the flowers all in enamled copper and add beads to the center. The necklace in the pic is made with stainless steel 3/16 and enameled copper 1/8 and its a fit fit for the stainless steel rings already.
  3. Yes and whoops I meant shedding. The plastic coating is coming off some of the rings.
  4. My 19g enemaled 1/4 silver copper rings are shading plastic! Is this normal for this to happened? Never has happened before mind you I always got smaller rings
  5. Does the ringlord make there own enemaled wire? Do they put the coating on of enemaling or buy it already coated?
  6. ringnebula

    BlueFlame page2

    Sweet design
  7. ringnebula

    Slave necklace?

    Very cool!
  8. ringnebula

    Red and Black

    Love this!
  9. ringnebula

    Why has shipping gone up so much?

    Good 2 know. Thanks again for the information.
  10. ringnebula

    Why has shipping gone up so much?

    Thanks for all the information, it does help. Does the new hst tax effect shipping cost as well?
  11. I was just wondering why shipping has dramatically increased from the last time I ordered:(? I am just doing basic shipping through Canada post. And my items don't weigh that much.
  12. ringnebula

    Were to get solid bronze clasp.

    Thanks for the info.
  13. ringnebula

    Were to get solid bronze clasp.

    Thanks for the links.
  14. I love working with the bronze rings a get from here. But I'm having a hard time finding solid bronze clasps to go with my designs. Will The Ringlord ever make bronze toggles or lobster clasps? I know i can make simple hooks but I'd love the toggles and lobster clasps!!