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    Anodizing titanium

    Hi everybody. I am currently working with Titanium, and I am doing my first experiments with anodising it. I will post some pictures soon. Not yet happy with the colors I am getting, but it's improving. Any help / tip is welcome. I am using a 120volt power suply, sulfuric acid for electrolyte, and a product similair to multi-etch for etching (http://www.biketweaks.com/titanium-etching-multi-etch-europe) Colors have improved greatly since etching my titanium, but I am still getting spots on my parts... Anybody know how this is possible? I clean my titanium parts really good before anodizing them, but i must be doing something else wrong. Anybody know what the problem could be?
  2. gerarddekker

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Yes this happens , like liriel says. its what metal does. Would love to get my hand on some titanium pliers. Its non magnetic, and vry hard/durable. Very expensive probably
  3. gerarddekker

    What are your favorite metals?

    I like titanium too. I am currently working with it, but it's a very hard meterial. What tools are you using to work with it? what is the best way to cut it?