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  1. DeathCupcake101

    Ring Size Help

    Hello all I need some help. I am planning on making a gift(s) and the book I have gives the gauge size, but then an ID size in mm. I first was very confident and seemed to know what I was doing, until I was looking at the pages and saw Actual ID and AR, with the description under AR being "= ID/WireDia". I may be just over thinking this, but if someone could lend a helping hand, I would appreciate it! For anyone curious it does say in the book for what I need: 18 gauge 6.00 mm 20 gauge 5.00 mm 20 gauge 3.00 mm Thank you!
  2. DeathCupcake101

    Ring Size for Shirt Help Please

    I am about to start remaking a chain mail shirt for myself, the problem with my last one was that there was large spaces in between the rings that a shirt can EASILY be seen through it. I was wondering if there is a better ring size for a chain mail shirt that i am using the European 4-in-1 weave with that won't show the shirt I am wearing underneath. The last ring size I had was a 12G 1/2" and I have heard about different sizes ranging from 14G to 16G.
  3. DeathCupcake101

    Scalemail Beginner Help Please!

    It went through, and i think I found the problem. Thank you very much!
  4. DeathCupcake101

    Scalemail Beginner Help Please!

    It's not letting me see the attachment. And I am so new to this so I do not know how to post pictures in replies.
  5. DeathCupcake101

    Scalemail Beginner Help Please!

    Recently I have gotten into scalemail through chainmail, I am understanding the pattern and everything fine, but the only problem is that the rings for the scales allows a gap to be seen when held up or put against the skin. I do plan on making a scalemail shirt with large anodized aluminum sales. I did use the 16g 5/16" rings that it said in the beginner. Am i doing something wrong, or did everyone else use a different sized ring than what was told?